In 2009, the Diversity Taskforce was charged with developing a strategic plan for racial and ethnic diversity. The plan, Toward a Campus Climate of Inclusion: A Three-Year Plan to Improve Racial and Ethnic Diversity at Edgewood College, 2009-2012, was created and identified specific action steps to increase racial and ethnic diversity throughout the College, and simultaneously, continue cultivating a campus climate of inclusion. In 2010, Edgewood hired a staff member to coordinate the inclusion planning efforts and also established the Inclusion Council to oversee the College’s progress toward reaching the goals set forth in the 2009-2012 plan.

In the Fall of 2013, Edgewood renewed its commitment toward social justice and began building upon previous efforts. The President’s Leadership Team established an ad-hoc planning committee, the Inclusion Planning Taskforce, which was established to create the next diversity action plan for the College. We are pleased to share with the community the next iteration of Edgewood’s inclusion planning efforts, The 2014-2017 Framework for Diversity: A Renewed Vision and Framework for Diversity & Inclusion.

Please navigate this site to learn more about the 2014-2017 Framework for Diversity and how the plan is aligned with the mission of Edgewood College and further supports the College’s Strategic and Academic Plan. Please also take some time to view Edgewood’s original 1992 multicultural plan and the 2009-2012 plan for inclusion.

In the Fall of 2014, we will also share with the community the division-level plans for inclusion and any updates to the Framework.

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