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Right to Know

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In accordance with the Student Right-to-Know Act, schools are required to disclose completion and graduation rates to students annually. To meet this requirement, Edgewood College Online discloses this information to enrolled students in a direct individual notice to each person via e-mail. For prospective students, this information is disclosed here.


   2007 Cohort Students* Graduates in 6 Years 6-year graduation rate
First Time 
Full Time Freshman
302 171 56.6%
Student Athlete 66 45 68.2%
Male 100 56 56%
Female 202 115 56.9%
Minority 28 12 42.9%
White 261 153 58.6%
Race Unknown 5 2 40.0%

Note*: 2007 Cohort Students are degree-seeking first-time full-time freshmen in the 2007 fall snapshot.


   2008 Cohort Students* Graduates in 5 Years 5-year graduation rate
Pell Grants Recipients 112 74 66.1%
Subsidized Federal Loan Recipients (who did not receive a Pell Grant) 100 56 56.0%
Neither a Pell Grant Nor a Subsidized Loan Recipients 86 47 54.7%

Note*: 2008 Cohort Students are degree-seeking first-time full-time freshmen in the 2008 fall snapshot.

Gainful Employment

In compliance with federal regulation, the College must disclose certain data regarding non-degree academic certificate programs, including program cost, time required to complete the certificate program, and certain employment information for those completing the program.

Currently, the College has one such certificate program, the Sustainability Leadership Graduate Certificate Program.

The data required by the 'Gainful Employment' regulation appears here.

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