The Inclusion Council provides strategic recommendations and action steps to the President’s Leadership Team on how to develop and sustain a campus climate of inclusion. The Council reviews policies and procedures relative to diversity, promotes strategies and best practices to enhance campus climate, and reviews department and division inclusion planning efforts. Additionally, the Council provides recommendations to the Director of Inclusion Implementation on all aspects of diversity implementation and helps support college-wide diversity efforts.

The Council includes representatives from faculty, staff and students from across departments and schools at Edgewood. Currently, membership includes:

Scott Flanagan (Executive Sponsor), Executive Vice President

Tony Garcia (Chair of Inclusion Council), Director of Inclusion Implementation, Co-Director of the Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Carrie Mickelson, Director of Human Resources

Derek Johnson, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions and the Co-Director of the Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Elizabeth Lee, Student Representative

Fazel Hayati, Associate Professor of the School of Business

Huining Ouyang, Director of the Center for Multicultural Education, Chair of the Ethnic Studies Program and Professor of English

John Leonard, Professor of Religious Studies

Kasey DeWitt, Assistant Director for Learning Support Services

Maria Yelle, Assistant Professor of the School of Nursing

Patrick Estes, Assessment Analyst, Office of Institutional Assessment and Research

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