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Bilingual Education

The Bilingual Education Program at Edgewood College provides a range of professional development opportunities designed to meet individual career goals for educators.  The program is comprised of four stages that have the ability to stand alone or feed into each other depending upon your ultimate educational goal.  Whether you are seeking a two-course professional development experience through CTELL, a Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Bilingual Education license, or an ultimate Masters of Arts in Bilingual Education, we have a program that meets your needs.


To accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals, coursework in the CTELL and Bilingual Licensing sequence are available in online formats as well as traditional settings.


TUITION DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE!  Current Bilingual licensing sequence courses in the School of Education are partially subsidized for all students by a five-year federal grant from the Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA).  As a result, these program courses are offered at a 58%-72% savings off our regular graduate tuition rate. In addition, CTELL courses are fully funded through the OELA grant for students accepted into that program.