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Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)

The Doctor of Education at Edgewood College offers a unique educational experience that cannot be matched by other area colleges. The program was designed through the collaborative efforts of faculty, school administrators, teachers, two- and four-year college and university faculty and administrators, and other educational and business leaders from across the state and the Midwest. The program is a standard of excellence for the preparation of educational leaders who work in PK-12 settings, in agency or government training, and in institutions of higher education.

Grounded in a strong knowledge base, our students engage in research that is meaningful, relevant, and directed toward the improvement of the schools, districts, institutions of higher learning, and agencies for which they work. Professional practice is assessed in authentic work settings. Our program is infused with content mastery, collaborative experience in school districts, post-secondary institutions, and educational agencies, and the ethical foundations of change that benefit teaching and learning at all levels and in a variety of educational settings.

The culminating experience of your coursework, faculty engagement, cohort development, and real-life application will be your published dissertation. To see what our graduates have recently studied and published, click here.


William McCoy

  “Thank you, Edgewood, for helping me to attain the pinnacle of my educational aspirations.  
   Thank you for preparing me for greater ministerial work in the vineyard of life. More importantly, 
   thank you for enabling me to become an agent of change capable of positively affecting that
   which I would normally only complain about."

                                                            William McCoy, Ed.D., 2010
                                                            Director, BELIEF; Northern Illinois University