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The Center for Academic Writing

The Dominican studium calls us to study, reflect, and share the fruits of our contemplation.  By writing clearly and effectively, we are better able to share what wisdom we may have gained through study and reflection.

The goal of the Center for Academic Writing is to enhance the ability of students to communicate effectively with a wider audience.  This writing should:

  • Address the writing task insightfully;
  • Organize and fully develop your argument;
  • Use clearly appropriate examples to support ideas;
  • Display consistent facility in the use of language and citations; and
  • Demonstrate variety in sentence structure and range of vocabulary.

The Center for Academic Writing provides direct writing support for doctoral students in an effort to clearly and effectively share the fruits of our contemplation.  This writing support consists of comments and questions specific to the needs of the writer as well as to the assignment. The Center provides feedback that ranges from assisting students in creating a logical academic argument, to support with APA formatting, grammar, and punctuation.

Susan Otte Allen

Suzanne Otte Allen is the Writing Specialist for the Ed.D. Program. Suzanne is available to meet one on one with students at the Deming Way or the Monroe St. campus.  Skype or other virtual meeting technologies are also used.  Suzanne will often give written feedback via email. Please feel free to send your work to


As you work on your dissertation, here are some links and resources that you might find helpful.