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Deming Way is home to the Education Doctoral Program.  We host students from many areas of the state of Wisconsin, from surrounding states, and from foreign countries as well.  The Center for Academic Writing intends to serve these students whether near or far from our campus here in Madison.  Doctoral candidates lead hectic lives and depend on campus availabilities to be both face to face and online.  

Whether you are writing a dissertation or doing classroom work, we welcome your questions and the product of your labors. 

The Center for Academic Writing  is a young but energetic home to Academic Writing.  We furnish patience and learning in your pursuit of the Ed.D.  We are creative people with a patience for those who desire to pursue their writing growth.

As you work on your dissertation, here are some links and resources that you might find helpful.

The Oscar Rennebohm Library at Edgewood College will be a big help as you research and prepare your dissertation. Some of their resource materials can be found online:

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