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Cost and Financial Aid

Pursuing your doctorate in education (Ed.D.) is the next step for many educators looking to expand their career opportunities. An Ed.D. not only adds to your professional qualifications but it builds your network, deepens your understanding of research methods, and strengthens your academic writing.

There are many variables in calculating the return on investment (ROI) for your Ed.D., and websites like provide sample calculators that will estimate your ROI, break-even and net present value based on your particular situation. You can also find a calculator that computes the size of your monthly loan payments and the salary required to manage those payments. 

The Chronicle of Higher Education compiles information on the salaries paid to senior administrative positions. Learn more about the compensation you might expect for various positions at higher education institutions.

Tuition and Credits

The 2016-17 tuition for graduate credit at Edgewood College is $898 per credit. The Board of Trustees sets the tuition annually so a small increase each year is possible. In addition, doctoral students pay a $105 fee each term. The total cost for the 54 credit program for tuition and fees at the rate today is $49,542. Books and other instructional supplies would be in addition to this cost.

The cost of our tuition is comparable to other institutions in the Madison area, including UW-Madison.

The Edgewood Ed.D. program is designed to take students between three and three and a half years to complete, while the typical doctoral program takes five years, as a full-time student, to complete.

Clearly, the Edgewood College Ed.D. program saves you time and money over the long run.

Completion equals success

Tuition is only one factor in choosing a program. Completion rates are another important element of doctoral programs. Edgewood College boasts an 85 percent completion rate, compared to 57 percent at other institutions.

Therefore, your chances of attending Edgewood College and completing your degree are much higher, making it a smart investment of both time and money.

Graduate students are eligible for financial aid in the form of Federal Stafford Loans. You are eligible for these low interest loans, currently 6.8%, if you enroll in a minimum of 3 credits per semester. Loans are limited to a total of $20,500 per year.

Based on results of the loan calculator from, if you chose to finance the entire cost of your Edgewood College Ed.D. through Stafford Loans, your monthly payment would be $570/month for a 10-year repayment plan.

Our individual attention to student support helps guide each student through meaningful, engaging coursework, research, and dissertation completion.


For more information about financial aid, contact Edgewood Central at: 608-663-4300,