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The Doctoral Program recently celebrated our 15th anniversary! Watch our video about the history of the program.


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The core misison values of the EdD program are Truth, Justice, Compassion, Justice and Partnership. Those values are reflected in the experiences of our students and graduates.


William McCoy

“Thank you, Edgewood, for helping me to attain the pinnacle of my educational aspirations. Thank you for preparing me for greater ministerial work in the vineyard of life. More importantly, thank you for enabling me to become an agent of change capable of positively affecting that which I would normally only complain about.”

William McCoy, Ed.D. '10 Director, BELIEF Northern Illinois University


Beth John

“The Edgewood College Doctoral program in Educational Leadership serves as the epitome of the Edgewood Promise of Connecting learning, beliefs, and actions.  The Edgewood Doctoral program has provided me with a solid foundation of real-world, practicable skills that can be implemented immediately into my leadership position.  This doctoral program creates rewarding new experiences for students through inspirational faculty, demanding curriculum, and a cohort model that encourages students to learn with each other throughout the life of their program.  This program challenged me to grow as an individual and be a strong advocate for my district, staff and students.  Further, this program helped me to recognize that leadership is not a title; it’s an action.  The end result of this program is that it continually inspires me to be a leader and motivator for others.

Due to the efforts of the staff and programming in the Doctoral program in Educational Leadership, my leadership philosophy has been grounded in the Edgewood values.  The continued support of Dr. Shirer, Dr. Burke, and many of the excellent staff members in the Edgewood program, has allowed for the longitudinal growth in my leadership skills and therefore ability to lead a school district.  I am eternally grateful for the knowledge, skills, and beliefs that the Edgewood College Doctoral program in Educational Leadership has provided me."

Mark Johnson, Ed.D. '16 Superintendent Chetek-Weyerhaeuser School District


Dawn Nonn

“My most memorable experience during the dissertation process was the time I spent with Drs. Linda and Richard Barrows. They are brilliant teachers with a wealth of knowledge that they graciously shared. I felt incredibly blessed to have them on my team. I believe my perspective on leadership has increased my determination to be solutions oriented. This includes looking for ways to ensure that students are given the tools and foundation of knowledge that is aligned with assessment expectations, but also provides an accurate picture of the individual child's abilities and unique learning style.”

Dawn Nonn, Ed.D. '09 Educator Madison Metropolitan School District


Gerald Wickham

"I have utilized so much of the critical perspectives gained during the course work in the Edgewood College EdD program, and have also grown in my scholarly work as a result of the dissertation process. The communication skills honed in the group work throughout the program have been invaluable over the last three years as an Assistant Dean, working closely on change issues with faculty. I am continually reminded of the positive learning environment in the EdD program, of the mentorship I received and the skills I developed through the rigorous course-work. My sincere thanks to you and all of the faculty for your contributions to my development."

Gerald Wickham, Ed.D. Assistant Dean for Medical Education and Evaluation; University of Illinois, College of Medicine at Peoria


Debbie Bebeau

"Edgewood College was my first experience teaching or learning in a private educational institution. I have enjoyed being immersed in a learning community at Edgewood that embraces values similar to mine. Edgewood faculty, staff, and students have not only exemplified the college’s values but have also threaded the values into learning activities in every course. I enjoy reflecting about how I will integrate Edgewood College values in higher educational leadership."

Debbie Bebeau, MS, QTR; Current Ed.D. Student Clinical Instructor/Academic Fieldwork Coordinator UW-Madison Occupational Therapy Program


Heather Harbach

"I chose Edgewood College because they specifically stated that their program catered to working professionals who wished to further their education. At the orientation sessions, families are mentioned as important in this journey, and I could tell that they meant what they said. The program at Edgewood acknowledges us as people. It is a very student focused program.”

Heather Harbach, BA, MS, Current Ed. D student Assistant Dean of Students UW-Milwaukee


Dawn Nonn

"I am lucky to be a student at Edgewood College. I can realize my dreams here because Edgewood College is the kind of place that bridges the gap between dreams and reality. The consistent support that I receive from my advisor and the Edgewood doctoral support team is a great example of this connection."

Bing Liang, Ed. D., '15




Ali Alghatani

"The program helped me focus on how to be a leader and how to use the Edgewood values in my life and leadership.”

Ali Alghatani, Ed.D. '14 Strategy Management Saudi Telecom Company  




Lori Mueller

"The Edgewood experience has prepared me well in securing the role of superintendent! I truly appreciated the practitioner focus of the coursework and development of relevant tools and strategies. In my interview, I felt like I had great examples to draw from and share. I am so grateful for the program. Thank you!”

Lori Mueller, Current Ed.D. student, 2013 Cohort Superintendent Baraboo Public School District






“The Edgewood College Ed.D program provides expert guidance and support to students throughout the dissertation process. In my own experience, I had all my data collected, but I was stuck on how to finish the dissertation. Dr. Peter Burke met with me to discuss my data. He asked me one question after another, leading me down a path of discovery. At the end, Dr. Burke told me “You just defended your dissertation, now write it up.” I remember that meeting to this day and the support he gave me was invaluable.”

Dan Johnson, Ed.D. 2005 Cohort Principal, Dubuque Senior High School, Dubuque, IA  










“There was definitely a focus on ethics and fairness in my course work at Edgewood College. The Edgewood five pillars of justice, partnership, truth, compassion, and community have been instilled in me through my experiences in the program.”

Jarred Burke, Current Ed.D. student, 2012 Cohort Superintendent Richland Center Public School District