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Degree Requirements

To be eligible for the MBA/MSA dual degree, candidates must meet all of the Prerequisite Requirements of both the MBA and Master of Science in Accountancy programs. A total of 55 credits are required to complete the MBA/MSA Dual Degree program.

Four “overlap” courses are applied simultaneously toward completion of each degree program:

BUS 601 – Executive Communication
BUS 603 – Organizational Behavior
BUS 604 – Operations Management
BUS 616 – Business Ethics or IC 800 Ethics

Courses required to complete the remainder of the MBA degree include:

BUS 605 – Statistics for Managers
BUS 607 – Corporate Finance
BUS 609 A & B – MBA Capstone I and II
BUS 618 – Managing Information and Technology

MBA Elective Component

Two non-accounting elective courses (6 credits) are required.

Courses required to complete the remainder of the MSA degree include:

BUS 714 - Cost Accounting 2
BUS 723 - Law II
BUS 726 – Advanced Accounting 1
BUS 727 – Advanced Accounting 2
BUS 756 – Fraud and Forensic Accounting
BUS 798 – Strategic Financial Management

Both degrees must be obtained at Edgewood College.

Separate MBA and MSA degrees are conferred, and can be conferred at different times. The first degree may be conferred when all requirements of that degree (when viewed as a stand-alone) are satisfied.

All Edgewood College residency requirements, time limit, and transfer credit policies apply.