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ESL-TESOL Cost and Financial Aid

Graduate courses in the ESL License Sequence are partially funded by a federal grant from the Office of English Language Acquisition, resulting in significant savings to students pursuing this license. The current graduate tuition rate is $867 per credit. Courses in the ESL License Sequence are offered at the discounted tiered tuition rates shown below.

Each course is 3 credits, and can be applied towards a Master of Arts in Education with a TESOL concentration.  The OELA grant and this tiered tuition offer are expected to continue through Summer, 2016.

ESL License Sequence:

Course Title Cost per credit: Course cost:
ED 605B Paradigms of ESL/Bilingual Education $225/credit $675
ED 604A Language Acquisition in Content Areas $225/credit $675
ED 686 Genre, Knowledge, and Pedogogy $338/credit $1,014
ED 605A Formal to Functional Linguistics $450/credit $1,350
ED 604F ESL Curriculum Design & Assessment $450/credit $1,350
ED 693A ESL Supervised Field Teaching $450/credit $1,350

Total Tuition Cost - ESL License Sequence ($6,414)
a savings of $9,192


Master of Arts in Education: TESOL (additional coursework required for the Master’s)

Course Title Cost per credit: Course cost:
ED 605C ESL/Bilingual Program Development and Advocacy $867/credit $2,601
ED 689 Mentoring, Coaching, Leadership $867/credit $2,601
ED 603 Intro to Educational Research $867/credit $2,601
ED 692 Applied Research Thesis $867/credit $2,601
An approved 3 credit elective in Education cost varies cost varies

Total Tuition Cost - MA in Education: TESOL ($16,818 plus 3 elective credits)



Teach Grant

ESL-license seeking students may qualify for the TEACH grant; a federal grant which, “provides grants of up to $4000 per year to students who agree to teach for four years at an elementary school, secondary school, or educational service agency that serves students from low-income families and to meet other requirements.” These funds do not need to be repaid if you “serve as a full-time teacher for a total of at least four academic years within eight years after you complete or otherwise cease to be enrolled in the program for which you received the TEACH grant.”

Please review carefully the TEACH grant website to review the program stipulations and obligations upon program completion. From this site, you can also find a link which lists current eligible schools and districts that serve low-income students.

To apply for the TEACH grant through Edgewood College, you must first notify your ESL program advisor about your intent to apply. Your advisor will then verify your eligibility with the Financial Aid office and put you in touch with a Financial Aid officer to complete the TEACH grant enrollment process.