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MBA Health Systems Leadership Degree Requirements

The MBA in Health Systems Leadership prepares future executives to make a meaningful difference in a wide range of healthcare delivery and financing organizations. The curriculum consists of 42 total credits, 24 of which are directly related to health care topics.

Required Courses:

BUS 601 Executive Communication
BUS 602 Accounting for Managers
BUS 603 Organizational Development and Behavior
BUS 605 Statistics for Managers
BUS 606 Strategic Marketing
BUS 616 Business Ethics
Total Core Credits: 18

BUS 775 Managerial Health Economics
BUS 784 Healthcare Finance
BUS 785 Health Policy and Law
BUS 786 ERP in Health Systems
BUS 787 Health Systems Operations
BUS 789 Healthcare Service and Quality
BUS 796 Strategic Management of Health Systems (capstone)

Plus 1 Elective

Total HSL Course Credits: 24
Total Credits to earn MBA-HSL Degree: 42