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Master of Business Administration

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MBA and MSA Foundation Courses

MBA and MS-Accountancy students who believe that they are deficient in any of the 500 level Foundation Courses will be able to complete these requirements by taking the equivalent courses in the Adult Accelerated program. Adult Accelerated courses are offered in convenient 7-week sessions in classes that meet just one night per week. Tuition is charged at the Adult Accelerated Program rate, a significant savings to graduate students.

If you are a current MBA or MSA student at Edgewood College, and you believe that you may need to take one of the foundation courses, please contact the Graduate Program Advisor, Patricia Hallinan for more detailed information about how to register for these courses. If you are a prospective student, please contact Gwen Dunnington, Admissions Counselor and discover how this change can help you complete your Edgewood College MBA for less money in a shorter period of time.

Graduate   Adult Accelerated Course Equivalents
(all are 3 credit courses)    
BUS 500 – Algebra Review   RMATH 123 – Mathematical Models I, 2 credits
    RMATH 124 – Mathematical Models II, 2 credits
BUS 501 – Financial Accounting   RBUS 211 – Financial Accounting, 4 credits
BUS 502 – Business Calculus   No Equivalent Course Available
BUS 503 – Introductory Business Statistics   RMATH 125 – Statistics I, 2 credits
    RMATH 126 – Statistics II, 2 credits
BUS 504 – Legal Environments   RBUS 314 – Business Law, 4 credits
BUS 505 – Macro-Economics   RECON 164 – Macro-Economics, 4 credits
BUS 506 – Micro-Economics   RECON 163 – Micro-Economics, 4 credits