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Master of Science in Accountancy

The MS-Accountancy program is geared toward knowledge-seeking learners desiring specialty accounting skills. The business environment is dynamically changing, driven by a variety of factors such as increased regulation, the complexity and competitiveness of the business climate and the move toward a global economy. Expertise in this field can provide the foundation to become a CPA in a public accounting firm, to pursue a career in corporate management accounting, to work in government or not-for-profit sectors or to succeed as an entrepreneur.


Why get an MS Accountancy degree at Edgewood College?

  • To succeed in meeting your career goals efficiently through flexible and relevant program options
  • To interact with faculty in ways integral to your learning and professional development
  • To engage in nested communities of
    • Dedicated learners
    • Supportive faculty, staff and services
    • Active regional partners of alumni, professional affiliates and employers

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What our students and graduates say 

Edgewood allowed me the opportunity to retool for an accounting career…  and worked with me to help achieve my goals.  When I decided to return to school, through the Adult Accelerated and then the M.S. programs, I was guided in both course selection and course projects relevant to achieving my career goals.  I was challenged and encouraged in ways that allowed me to transition from student to accountant, knowing I was well prepared for my new career.

  Elizabeth Heins-Van der Weide, MSA, Staff Accountant - Wegner CPAs