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MBA - MSN Administration Dual Degree

The Master of Business Administration - Master of Science in Nursing (Administration Concentration) Dual Degree Program is 21 courses (63 credits).  The target student for this concentration is a nurse (RN licensed) who is interested in management or executive level administration in health services.

Separate MBA and MSN degrees are conferred, and can be conferred at different times. The first degree may be conferred when all the requirements of that degree (when viewed as a stand-alone degree) are satisfied.  Each degree must be completed within 7 years of the start of the respective program course sequence.

The MBA-MSN Dual Degree Program allows the maximum of 5 “overlap courses” to be applied simultaneously to each of the separate degree program requirements. The five overlap courses are:


  1. BUS 616 Business Ethics or IC 800 Ethics (Required course in both programs)
  2. BUS 601 Executive Communications (Required course in both programs)
  3. BUS 603 Organizational Behavior (Required course in both programs)
  4. NRS 635 Managing the Nursing System (MSN required course, MBA elective)
  5. NRS 645 Roles and Strategies of the Nursing Administrator (MSN required course, MBA elective)


Students must meet all of the admissions requirements and degree requirements for both the MBA and MSN programs in order to receive the Dual Degree. Click the links below to learn more about the admissions and degree requirments for these programs.


Edgewood College MBA Program

Edgewood College MSN Program