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Reading Teacher/Reading Specialist

Edgewood College's K-12 Reading Teacher program is intended for candidates for the WDPI license "Reading Teacher" (Code 316) and is offered to experienced teachers who desire to strengthen their teaching and/or become a reading teacher and literacy coach in a K-12 setting. The six-course program is designed to help teachers get to the heart of effective reading instruction and supports a practical, creative, and research-based approach to the work of teaching reading and promoting literacy.

Edgewood College’s Reading Specialist program is designed for candidates seeking the WDPI license “Reading Specialist” (Code 317) and is offered to experienced teachers who already hold the Reading Teacher license (Code 316) and wish to pursue a Master of Arts degree. This continuation program is intended to produce instructionally focused administrators who have a deep understanding of the work of teaching reading and promoting literacy, and are equipped to apply reformative expertise at a school, community, and district level. Such license holders will be competent with data analysis, dealing with issues of second language acquisition, mentoring, supervision, ethical leadership, and action research.

The Department of Public Instruction’s New Wisconsin Promise initiative includes a focus on teaching and leadership for improved student learning at the school and district level. This Quality Educator Initiative, as a part of the New Wisconsin Promise, has a goal of placing highly qualified teachers in every classroom and highly qualified leaders in every school. The Reading Program offered by Edgewood College is our attempt to assist with the Quality Educator Initiative and to help alleviate some of the achievement problems by producing highly qualified and experienced teachers, and instructionally focused administrators, who are expertly prepared.