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Middle/Secondary License Courses and Degree Requirements

The following courses are required to complete the license certification. Courses are taught in an accelerated format so that you can obtain your license certification in one year.

(All courses are 3-4 credits each)
   27 credits total

  • ED 596   Accelerated Secondary Program Orientation
  • ED 601A Foundations of Instruction
  • ED 602A Inclusive Curriculum Planning
  • ED 635B Diversity in Mid/Secondary Schools: Culturally Responsive Practices
  • ED 640A/B/E/F/H/M/S Technology Curriculum Integration: Introductory Teaching Methods (in your specific content area)
  • ED 651B/E/F/H/M/S  Curriculum Methods (in your specific content area)
  • ED 652A Curriculum Studies: Secondary Literacy
  • ED 660A Education Policy and the edTPA
  • ED 693B Supervised Field Teaching

OPTIONAL: English as a Second Language (ESL) Add-on License Certification

          ED 604A                                Second Language Acquisition in the Content Areas
          ED 604F                                ESL Curriculum Design and Assessment
          ED 605A                                Formal to Functional Linguistics                                
          ED 693C                                Student Teaching EA-A & ESL


OPTIONAL: Bilingual Education Add-on License Certification

         ED 604A                                Second Language Acquisition
         ED 605K                                Language Analysis and Bilingualism
         ED 605D                                Biliteracy Development
         ED 604G                                Bilingual Curriculum Design and Assessment

Master of Arts in Education Degree Requirements

When a candidate also seeks a Master of Education degree, completion of the following courses is required, in addition to those listed in the License Requirements (36 credits total):

  • ED 603 Introduction to Educational Research
  • ED 692 Research Capstone Project
  • Plus one Graduate Level 3-credit ethics course chosen from courses approved by the School of Education and the Edgewood College Graduate Council.  Approved courses are listed on each license area degree plan.