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Special Education

If your goal is to make a real difference in the lives of children with special needs, you should consider an advanced degree in Special Education. Teachers who are licensed in Special Education are in high demand nationwide. And for those who are trained, talented, and energetic enough to work with this very special group of young people, the rewards are innumerable.

A recent analysis of graduates found that 100% of the students who complete the Edgewood College Special Education License program receive DPI certification and are placed in special education teaching positions within one year of graduation.

Licensing for Teachers

Edgewood College's program in Special Education is offered to individuals who already possess a bachelor's degree and wish to be certified with a license to teach youth with special educational needs.

Completion of the entire license sequence qualifies you for all of the following Wisconsin DPI license categories:

        Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence - Regular Education (Ages 6-13)
            Subject Fields:
                        - Cross Categorical with Cognitive Disabilities
                        - Cross Categorical with Emotional Disturbances
                        - Cross Categorical with Learning Disabilities

        Early Adolescence through Adolescence - Special Education (Ages 10-21)
            Subject Fields:
                        - Cross Categorical with Cognitive Disabilities
                        - Cross Categorical with Emotional Disturbances
                        - Cross Categorical with Learning Disabilities

Master's Degree & Advanced License

We also offer a masters degree in conjunction with an advanced special education license. If you are interested in a masters degree or a teaching license from Edgewood College in cross categorical special education, emotional disturbance, cognitive disabilities or learning disabilities you should apply to our graduate program.


Teaching Opportunities for Students

Students enrolled the Special Education program at Edgewood College will have the opportunity to work in the Cutting Edge, a unique college campus outreach program for individuals with disabilities who are currently undereducated and underemployed. This special program gives students in our graduate special education program the opportunity to teach individuals with special needs in collaboration with their college professors. Students will be involved with the Cutting Edge program particularly during their methods classes. Here they will see research based practices and strategies modeled by their professors. They can then try out these strategies themselves in our Cutting Edge programs.