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Special Education License and Degree Requirements

Initial Licensing Course Sequence

Candidates who do not hold a teaching license must pass the PRAXIS I (PPST) test and complete the three initial licensing courses listed below. They must also complete cross-categorial core courses and the cognitive, emotional, and learning disabilities licensing sequence.

Initial Licensing Courses (7 credits total):

  • ED 598S – Cross-categorical Orientation (1 credit)
  • ED 635 – Diversity in the Classroom (3 credits)
  • ED 614 – Cross-Categorical Children and Youth (3 credits)


Cross-Categorical Core Requirements

All candidates must complete the following four cross-categorical core courses (14 credits total):

  • ED 615 – Cross Categorical Assessment and Evaluation in Special Needs (3 credits)
  • ED 616 – Cross Categorical Transition Team and Family Process (3 credits)
  • ED 678A – Curriculum Managing and Teaching Students with Special Needs (4 credits)
  • ED 672A – Development and Facilitation of Communication, Math, Writing, and Reading in Children and Adolescents (4 credits)


Cognitive, Emotional, and Learning Disabilities Licensing Sequence

All candidates must also complete the following five cognitive, emotional and learning disabilities licensing sequence courses (15 credits total):

  • ED 671A – Introduction to Cognitive, Emotional and Learning Disabilities (3 credits)
  • ED 675A – Diagnosis, Assessment and Evaluation in Cognitive, Emotional and Learning Disabilities (4 credits)
  • ED 676A – Methods and Materials in Cognitive, Emotional and Learning Disabilities (4 credits)
  • ED 695 – Supervised Field Experience: Cross Categorical (3 credits)
  • ED 660B - Reflection in Practice (1 credit)


Other Licensure Requirements

Candidates must complete the WDPI portfolio requirements and pass PRAXIS II and the Wisconsin Reading Foundations Test. The EdTPA test must be taken during student teaching and passed before a teaching license can be issued.


Master of Arts in Education – Special Education Concentration

Candidates who also seek a Master of Arts in Education degree take the following additional 3 courses (9 credits total):

  • ED 603 – Introduction to Education Research
  • ED 692 – Research Capstone Project
  • Approved Ethics course