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Cost and Financial Aid

The value of a sustainability degree. Whether your career is in business, non-profit, government, healthcare or education, the advantages of focused sustainability leadership education is increasingly recognized as a "must have" in every industry. Read the recently published article "Is a sustainability degree worth it?" to find out more.


Cost for Master of Arts in Sustainability Leadership: $28,355 - $29,507*
The Sustainability Leadership 33-credit Master of Arts degree cost includes the following:

  • Tuition for six required courses taken with a cohort (21 credits) at $867 per credit
  • Tuition for four elective courses (12 credits total), at $675 - $867 per credit
  • Up to 9 credits can be transferred from approved courses offered by approved institutions, including the University of Wisconsin Sustainable Management Graduate Program at a cost of $675 per credit. All elective courses offered through Edgewood College are at a cost of $867 per credit
  • Books/materials, meals and lodging for an 8-day immersion course, SUST 650
  • Books/materials, meals, and field trip expenses for SUST 651 and 652
  • A Madison Metro bus pass for the duration of the program


Cost for Sustainability Leadership Graduate Certificate: $11,300*
The all-inclusive program cost covers:

  • Tuition for all three required courses (12 graduate credits)
  • All required books and materials
  • Meals and lodging for an 8-day immersion course, SUST 650
  • Lunch and snacks for SUST 651 and 652
  • Field trips
  • A Madison Metro bus pass for the duration of the program

My participation in this program has already begun to pay itself forward – I feel so enriched by the tools and skills to be a more effective leader.” Danielle Yancey, '12


Financial Aid & Scholarships

Click here for information about financial aid opportunities for graduate students. Edgewood College provides a flexible fee payment schedule that allows you to take advantage of employer tuition reimbursement.

The Edgewood College Sustainability Leadership Graduate Program offers a limited number of scholarships for MA, Certificate and Community Fellow students. A scholarship application is required.

The Sustainability Leadership Graduate Program at Edgewood College, in collaboration with Sustain Dane, is offering two, $2000 scholarships for Sustainable Business Network (SBN) members. The scholarship is for those interested in earning a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability Leadership, which provides the foundation for and can lead to the Sustainability Leadership Program’s master of arts degree. SBN members whose company currently receives a tuition discount through Edgewood’s partnership program are not eligible for the scholarship. If you are interested in applying for the SBN scholarship, please indicate this on the scholarship application.

A scholarship application is available here.
Scholarship Deadlines: First Priority, May 1  |  Second Priority, June 1

Please note that scholarships are reviewed only if all application materials are submitted, and until available scholarship funds are awarded. For first priority, submit your application by May 1. There will be a second scholarship application review with a deadline of June 1, however funds may be limited. After June 1, late applications will be considered if scholarship funds remain. Applicants will receive a response with their award within 3 weeks of the application deadline.

Contact Steve Gilchrist at, (608) 663-6991 for more information.