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Cost and Financial Aid

Program Fee for the Certificate/Master of Arts Core Program: $11,300

The all-inclusive program fee covers:

  • Tuition for all required courses (12 graduate credits)
  • All required books and materials
  • Food and lodging for the initial 8-day residential experience
  • Lunch and snacks on Saturday class days
  • Field trips
  • A Madison Metro bus pass for the duration of the program

We provide a flexible fee payment schedule that allows you to pay for your classes after your grades are posted to take advantage of employer tuition reimbursement.

Fee for Additional Master of Arts Credits: $16,455 - $17,556

The Sustainability Leadership Graduate Certificate (12 credits) forms the core of the 33-credit Master of Arts in Sustainability Leadership. The additional 21 credits to complete the MA include:

Three required courses (9 credits total), at $865 per credit, and

Four additional elective courses (12 credits total), at $675 - $865 per credit.
Up to 9 of these credits can be transferred from the approved elective courses offered by the University of
Wisconsin Sustainable Management Graduate Program at a cost of $675 per credit.
All elective courses offered through Edgewood College are at a cost of $865 per credit.

Costs shown are for graduate tuition for the 2015-16 academic year. You can expect that cost to rise by approximately 4% per year in the future.

The value of a sustainability degree. Whether your career is in business, non-profit, government, healthcare or education, the advantages of focused sustainability training in higher education is increasingly recognized as a "must have" in the professional world, and the value of a sustainability degree is "increasing as each day passes." Read the recently published article "Is a sustainability degree worth it?" to find out more.

Financial Aid

Click here for information about financial aid opportunities for graduate students.

A limited number of scholarships are available for select educators, employees of nonprofit organizations and others engaged in community service. Separate scholarship application materials are required. Please contact Steve Gilchrist (, (608) 663-6991) for further information.