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Program Options

To serve students’ varied goals and circumstances, there are a number of ways to participate in the Sustainability Leadership Graduate Program. For all options, students complete the Certificate/Master of Arts 12-credit core program with their cohort in nine months.

Graduate Certificate in Sustainability Leadership

The Sustainability Leadership Graduate Certificate is ideal for those seeking a new direction, and for adult professionals wanting to make an impact in their workplace or community. The certificate is a great fit for individuals working in a wide range of fields, including nonprofit and corporate management, economic development, education, local government, facilities operations, public health, energy and utilities, regional planning and design, hospitality, religious service, law and more.

Master of Arts in Sustainability Leadership

The Sustainability Leadership Graduate Certificate forms the core of a new 33-credit Master of Arts in Sustainability Leadership. Recipients of the Certificate in previous, current and forthcoming years will be able to apply earned credits toward this degree.  The master’s program will allow students to deepen their knowledge and skills in areas introduced in the certificate program.  The instruction will continue to be scheduled to meet the needs of working professionals (week-ends, evenings, or on-line).

Community Fellowship in Sustainability Leadership

Working professionals with significant experience in a particular area of sustainability can apply for a Community Fellowship in Sustainability Leadership. This mutually enriching arrangement lets the Fellow share sustainability expertise with other program participants while receiving the framework and support to complete a significant sustainability project or develop a more holistic understanding of sustainability leadership.

The Community Fellowship role combines traditional roles of participants as students and instructors, with more flexible roles of participants as teacher/learners, community partners, mentors and servant-leaders. Community Fellows receive a certificate of completion for participating in the program but do not earn graduate credit. They pay a reduced program cost.

Fellows may be sponsored by an organization (e.g., their employer) that in turn benefits from the professional development and community engagement of the Fellow and from recognition as a supporter of sustainability in the larger community. Click here for a detailed Community Fellowship description and application instructions (pdf).


“The Community Fellows add a reality check to the current culture of sustainability.” - Student, Class of 2011

MBA with Sustainability Leadership Concentration

The business world has an important role in creating flourishing communities. The School of Business recognizes this responsibility and offers Sustainability Leadership as a concentration in the MBA program. Alternatively, students who first earn the Sustainability Leadership Graduate Certificate may later apply those credits toward an MBA degree as qualifying electives. With our world-class faculty and ACBSP global accreditation, these options put the School of Business at Edgewood College in the company of the top business schools in the country.

MA in Education with Sustainability Leadership Concentration

Educators and schools are an integral part of any sustainable community, and teachers are increasingly looking to incorporate sustainability concepts throughout their curriculum. Edgewood College offers the MA in Education with a concentration in Sustainability Leadership to support teachers in their growth as sustainability leaders in their classrooms. Teachers can integrate their Sustainability Leadership capstone projects directly into their lessons, curriculum or larger school- or district-wide initiatives.