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Nourish to Flourish in Arequipa, Peru - 2012

The student experience in the Sustainability Leadership Master of Arts culminates with an integrative sustainability capstone project for an organization or community of the student’s choosing. Working professionals can use this project to lead change for sustainability in their workplace or community. Recent college graduates and people seeking a career change can use this project to launch their career in sustainability leadership.

With assistance from Edgewood faculty and community mentors, students apply the concepts and skills of sustainability leadership learned during the Program to a capstone project that:

  • Synthesizes relevant theoretical, practical, and technical content
  • Identifies appropriate social change processes
  • Implements a focused sustainability plan
  • Integrates multiple academic and stakeholder perspectives
  • Generates support for change through the effective use of communication skills

Previous capstone projects have included creating community gardens, engaging the public on sustainability issues, educating various groups about sustainability topics, and creating strategic sustainability plans for businesses and organizations.


Pioneering the "Eco-Dive"

Katya SzabadosKatya Szabados, a 2013 alumnae of the Sustainability Leadership Program and an employee of The Plaza, had a hunch there was a lot that could be done to make the popular bar and restaurant more ecologically friendly, but wasn't sure how to do it. "I would have had a difficult time getting this project off the ground without the Sustainability Leadership Program....Thanks to the Program, I now see myself as a leader while carrying out the project and showcasing it to the public." Read the complete story here. Or watch the video.









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Social Innovation as a Lens for Civic Engagement at Edgewood College: Proposal Development through Participatory Processes – Julie Andersen

Outdoor Learning Environment at Wingra School – Weslie Cymerman

Promoting Sustainability Initiatives at Edgewood College – Melissa Flores

Nourish to Flourish in Arequipa, Peru: Planting Seeds of Transformation through Art and Permaculture – Preston Glowac and Kelty Carew

Sustainability School – Jennifer Greenwald

Community Awareness and Engagement with Middle School Youth – Nora Rader

Cooperating for a Sustainable Future: Strategic Planning for the Willy Street Co-op – Stephanie Ricketts

Green and Healthy School Certification for Preschool of the Arts – Kristin Sobol

Hosting a Sustainable Public Health Conference – Julie Swanson

Pioneering the Eco-Dive in Madison, WI – Katya Szabados

Infusing Sustainability into Madison Expeditionary Learning Academy – Megan Tripp

The Power to Work: Market Opportunities to Improve Outcomes for Migrant Farmworkers – Matthew Olson (Community Fellow)

Resilience through Design at Different Scales: Replicable Models for Sustainable Design on the Farm, in the Garden, and within the Urban Condition – Kelly Humphry (Community Fellow)


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Rural Resiliency in Assisted Living – Becca Bober

Fair Food and Social Equity at Bare Bones Cooperative Farm – Carrie Breunig

American Family Insurance East Regional Building Green Roof – Nina Catterall

Art of Bat Habitat: A Campaign Incorporating Design, Sustainable Materials, Education and Community – Jess King

Potential Realized: A Sustainability Plan for the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County – Joe Maldonado

Building Collaborative Capacity in the Dane County Food System – Garrett Peterson

Building Community Support for Sustainability in Monona: Creating a Site Plan for Water Resource Related Sustainability Improvements at Winnequah Park and Winnequah School – Susan Vogt

Sustainable Traditions:  A Sustainability Framework Using Indigenous Knowledge – Danielle Yancey

Re-Envisioning Lake Wingra / Vilas Park Shoreline: Honoring and Celebrating the Connection of Our Parks and Lakes – Lauren Brown (Community Fellow)

Mentoring Positives Leader Academy – Will Green (Community Fellow)


(Download the PDF)

C.A.M.P. (Camping at Metropolitan Parks) Madison – Tatek Assefa, Brian Condon, and Tom Klein

Addressing Nuisance Urban Geese through Public Engagement – Terri Bleck

Growing Community Centers in Permaculture Gardens – Drew Carlson

American Family Community Garden – LeeAnn Glover and Angela Freedman

Center for Sustainability Education – Josie Guiney-Igielski

Advancing Sustainability in the Madison Area through Interfaith Collaboration – Annie Kalson

Wingra Groundwatershed Sustainability – Maribeth Kniffin

Cartonera Publishers: Transforming Garbage into Literacy, Art, and Community – Erin Teksten

Looking for Leverage in the Madison Metropolitan School District – Tim Peterson

The Role of the Community Fellow in Advancing Edgewood’s Sustainability Leadership Graduate Program – Beth Churchill (Community Fellow)

Promoting Sustainability in State Facilities Development – Rex Loker (Community Fellow)

Madison Metropolitan School District’s Sustainable Schools Initiative – Rachel Martin (Community Fellow)