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Newsletter Archive - December 2012

Edgewood College School of Business
Edgewood College School of Business
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Educating Ethical Leaders
Creating a Sustainable Future Through quality, innovative teaching and scholarship in an intimate, caring environment, students in The School of Business become lifelong learners and exceptional, ethical leaders creating a sustainable global economy.

December 2012
Dear Kathryne,

Welcome to our Holiday edition of The School of Business Newsletter, with a special introductory article from our Dean, Martin A. Preizler.

Enjoy, and as always, please feel free to contact me with your questions or suggestions.


Kathryne Auerback, MA, MBA

Director of Program Development
(608) 663-2895
Kathryne Auerback
Message from the Dean

Carl Sagan, the brilliant American astronomer and prolific author once asked, "Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people." When I'm out on a quiet, cold December night walking my beautiful spaniel, Sasha, gazing at the vast heavens above, the holiness of our universe seeps into my mind. The existential moment makes me feel very small and insignificant, like a flake of snow that could blow away and disappear in a light wind never to be known.

Each of us alone might be insignificant snowflakes, but we find meaning in our short lives by developing our minds and making attempts to accomplish important things together. Students at Edgewood are drawn by the values that guide our beliefs, reflections, and actions to contribute to a better world. The guiding themes of The School of Business are ethics, entrepreneurship, and sustainability-teaching students to lead lasting enterprises that contribute positively to advancing our human existence on a healthy planet.

Helping Edgewood students achieve their educational goals and life-time dreams requires dedicated and passionate faculty, and committed alumni and business community members who give their time and expertise, gifts for scholarships, and other resources. At this holiday season, we are especially grateful for the opportunity to teach and guide young minds, the gift of what we learn from our students, the financial support of many generous donors, and the commitment of volunteers such as our advisory board members.

After expressing this sincere thanks to everyone who contributes each day on behalf of the students, I don't feel like an insignificant snowflake existing for a moment lost in a galaxy. My colleagues and I are blessed with the honor of being part of the Edgewood College community making an important difference in peoples' lives.

Happy Holidays and All Our Best Wishes for a Joyous New Year!


Martin A. Preizler
Dean, School of Business
Marty Preizler


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   Smith & Gesteland
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   UW Medical Foundation
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Your scholarship gift touches and changes the lives of many
Each Fall, to express our gratitude, we invite named scholarship donors to campus to meet with the students they support. Students and their supporters share a meal together at Phil's, share personal stories and experiences, and at the end, share a photo and heart-felt "until we meet again." Nearly one-third of our scholarship recipients are from families with household incomes of $50,000 or less. Your scholarship gift makes it possible for students like Taneka, Rob, Tess, and Tamera to continue to choose Edgewood College. And let us not overlook the obvious joy these gifts bring to loyal supporters like George, Patrick, and Charlotte. I invite you to join us in this special experience and help me help you develop a scholarship that will make a difference for you and for our students. Gifts received today through March 1st will be awarded to your student scholar next Fall. I look forward to connecting soon!
Fondly, Katie Vesperman '99
Director of Annual Giving & Special Gifts
Photos (Left to Right):
  1. Education Major Taneka poses with George Liegel, patron of the Pepsi Cola Diversity Endowed Scholarship.
  2. Patrick Hartley '96 MBA '99 and his wife Michelle recently developed a scholarship in their name to support Business Majors like Rob.
  3. Cellists Tess (future nurse) & Tamera (future teacher) share smiles (and fashion sense!) on Regina Terrace w/ Music scholarship supporter & former faculty member Charlotte Meyer.
Don't Miss These Upcoming Events!
China Study Tour 2013
The International Study Tour in China will take place from May 24 – June 2, 2013. This 10-day tour of Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou is designed for graduate business students, alumni and business community guests with the aim of providing critical insights to and valuable, first-hand experiences with China's business climate, culture, and history. In addition to tours of Chinese, American and joint-venture businesses, students will meet business executives to discuss challenges and opportunities in this exciting emerging market, attend lectures on the Chinese economy and culture and tour historic and cultural sites. Introductory meetings will be held on January 23 and January 29 on the Deming Way campus in room 112 at 4:30 PM. For more information please email Mark Barnard at
Initiation & Orientation for new graduate students
Whether you are just beginning your graduate studies at The School of Business, or you began last Fall but didn't attend the Fall Initiation & Orientation Program, we want to welcome you with a special event at the Deming Way Campus before class on Tuesday, January 22, 2012.  During the session, we will welcome you into our community by introducing you to School of Business graduate program faculty, staff and students. You're invited to enjoy a complimentary light dinner, and you'll have an important opportunity to begin exploring your own leadership strengths.

To confirm your attendance and be sure to receive important instructions, please email If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kathryne Auerback, or (608) 663-2895.
Past Events
Distinguished Alumni Awards
On Friday, November 9, The School of Business at Edgewood College held its 6th Annual Distinguished Alumni Awards celebration for Ethical Leadership and Community Service. The 2012 Honorees were M. Hathaway Dilba, BS '99, Partner and Co-founder of Ale Asylum, and Kris Koenig, MBA '01, CEO of Natura Clean, LLC. The celebration featured a keynote address from Kim M. Sponem, President and CEO of Summit Credit Union. Outstanding Faculty awards were presented to Professors Elaine Beaubien and Raj Kamal. The Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren graduate scholarship went to Sheena Smith, and The School of Business graduate scholarships went to Nickole Milhaupt, Martha Mueller, Hikmet Tuncsoy, and Elizabeth van der Weide.

Kim M. Sponem is the CEO/President of Wisconsin's largest credit union, Summit. Under Sponem's leadership her credit union has grown from $200 million in assets to $1.8 billion. During that time the branch network expanded from 3 locations to 24. She partnered to put together the largest and first "merger of equals" in the State of Wisconsin in 2008. Sponem serves on the advisory board for The School of Business, as well as on the College's Board of Trustees. The event and scholarships are made possible with generous support from: UW Medical Foundation, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren S.C. Attorneys at Law, Smith & Gesteland LLC, SVA Plumb Financial, SSM Health Care of Wisconsin, Summit Credit Union, Econoprint, and advisory board members, Sean Sennott, Larry Burnett, Enzo Ciarletta, and Lauri Binius-Droster.

Distinguished Alumni Award Winners
Hathaway Hathaway Dilba is a partner and the Director of Promotions at Ale Asylum, a Madison-based microbrewery. Her responsibilities include online marketing, event planning, social media and she enjoys landscaping Ale Asylum's beer garden. Hathaway was born in San Francisco and grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles. In 1999, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management from Edgewood College. In her spare time, Hathaway enjoys community work, cooking, gardening and travel. Her motto in life: pay it forward.

Kris Kris Koenig is the CEO of Natura Clean, an eco-friendly cleaning company. Kris' career in marketing has focused on social causes, such as helping international credit unions meet the needs of their members, and environmental causes, such as developing nationally-recognized energy efficiency programs and marketing for Wisconsin. While managing the marketing department at the Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation (WECC), she helped develop many successful programs: Focus on Energy, Energy Star, Wisconsin Energy Star Homes and Home Performance. Kris won an Energy Star Award from the EPA for excellence in promoting Energy Star appliances and lighting throughout Wisconsin. She is considered an expert in green cleaning and has been featured in local publications, including Sustainable Times, Madison Magazine, Wisconsin Woman, The Wisconsin State Journal, In Business, and Brava.

Outstanding Faculty Award Winners
Professor Elaine Estervig Beaubien has been a member of the faculty at Edgewood College since 1980, teaching management, economics and marketing to graduate and undergraduate students. Elaine is also a published author and the sole proprietor of Management Training Seminars. As a corporate trainer and consultant, Elaine Estervig Beaubien has been training professionals in management and leadership skills since 1976. Among her many awards, in 1996 Elaine received the Underkofler Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award. In 2002, The Estervig-Beaubien Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award was created in her honor.
Professor Raj Kamal is a Senior Lecturer, and has recently been appointed Director of the new Project Management Graduate Certificate Program. In addition to Project Management, he teaches Operations, Statistics, Marketing and Business Strategy. He is a published author, and holds an MS in Management from Purdue University, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad, and a BA (Honors) in Economics from Delhi University in India. He has also served on the Board of Examiners for the Wisconsin Forward Award. Raj has worked for over 20 years as a consultant and in senior/leadership positions in financial services and insurance, health care, manufacturing, retail and B2B distribution, government, not-for-profit and higher education sectors.
Internship dinner
InternshipOn November 15, seventy students and their supervisors met for dinner to share their internship experiences that extended over much of the U.S. with representation as far west as Colorado and east to New York. Brian Lindstrom, Controller at Epic Systems, was the guest speaker of the evening.
Net Impact Chapter Launch
Net Impact Edgewood College started a Net Impact graduate chapter with an official launch party on Friday, December 7. As a student organization, the Net Impact Edgewood College chapter will focus on issues to address corporate and community sustainability, and network with other organizations to help create a better future for generations to come. Please think about ways you could contribute achieving these goals, and contact Alex ( or Brian (
Program News
The School of Business Launches Two New Graduate Programs

We're very pleased to announce two new graduate programs launching in January: the MBA in Health Systems Leadership and the MBA with a Concentration in Project Management. Both programs include options for stand-alone graduate certificates. These fields offer increasing opportunities in the Madison area.

On the leading edge of exciting changes in the healthcare industry, the MBA in Health Systems Leadership and Graduate Certificate in Health Systems Management prepare future executives to make a meaningful difference in a wide range of healthcare delivery and financing organizations. In addition to administrative managers, the program is well suited for clinicians, attorneys, accounting professionals, insurance agents, and consults serving healthcare clients. The programs are designed in close collaboration with The School of Nursing at Edgewood College, and with local healthcare system experts. Courses are based on the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education Competency Criteria, and taught by industry experts. The MBA comprises 43 credits, including required courses in Managerial Health Economics, Healthcare Finance, Health Policy and Law, Health Systems Operations, an Executive Speaker Seminar, ERP for Health Systems, Healthcare Service and Clinical Quality, and Strategic Management. The Graduate Certificate comprises 16 credits, including five required courses in Managerial Health Economics, Healthcare Finance, Health Policy and Law, Health Systems Operations, and an Executive Speaker Seminar.

The MBA Concentration in Project Management and the Graduate Certificate in Project Management prepare current and future executives to lead highly successful projects. In addition to current and aspiring business leaders, administrators, and project managers, the program also serves business analysts, developers, and project team members in insurance, healthcare, government and many other sectors. The Concentration and Certificate programs are aligned with the Project Management Institute's Book of Knowledge, and the curriculum complies with the ACBSP accreditation standards, assurance of a high quality program. The MBA with a Concentration in Project Management comprises 48 total credits, including the required core and concentration/certificate courses and elective(s). The Graduate Certificate comprises 15 total credits. Graduate Certificate credits may be applied toward the MBA should the student later decide to pursue that degree. In addition, a non-credit "Math Prep" course is available for students requiring additional assistance in applied math, statistics, and calculus. For more information about graduate programs in The School of Business, contact Anna Stocker, Admissions Counselor,

Faculty News
Elaine Beaubien featured in InBusiness magazine
Professor Elaine Beaubien and Donna Gray, President of Total Awards & Promotions, are featured in this month's InBusiness magazine blog, sharing their "Favorite Holiday Memories". We think it is an excellent read, and at the very least will make you smile, if not giggle or laugh out loud. The full article can be found here.
Alumni News
Alumni Spotlight

Tom Klein, BS Communication Studies '10, Sustainability Leadership Graduate Certificate ‘11

Edgewood College: Congratulations on the success of the business venture you began after completing your academic career at Edgewood! Redamte Café has already become an important part of the downtown community. Tell us more about it. What's your role?

Tom Klein: Thanks! Yes, Redamte is a farm to table cafe located on State Street.  We offer a full menu with espresso bar, and strive to provide a more sustainable alternative to other soup and sandwich cafes in downtown Madison. As the Director of Sustainability and Marketing, my role is to help guide our team in making better decisions for our stakeholders. For example, when we consider where to source a product, it is important to consider:

The people: We consider all of our stakeholders, near and far, for example our fair trade espresso coffee bean producers in central and south America, the local roaster, Just Coffee Cooperative, and our customers.

The planet: We utilize our unique position as purchasers to source local, organic, and fair trade products whenever possible to support a healthy, local food system, and lighten our ecological footprint.

And profit: In order to continue showcasing the power of small business as a sustainability change agent, we must remain financially viable.

Redamte For this reason we have adopted the Triple Bottom Line framework and we make our decisions with this framework in mind.

As the Director of Marketing, I oversee our marketing efforts with the ultimate goal of increasing awareness. Through positioning ourselves as a farm to table cafe with an emphasis on sustainability, we have been successful in obtaining a loyal customer base. Working with community organizations including Sustain Dane, Clean Wisconsin, Sustainable Atwood, and others, we have been able to further our mission to educate our community on sustainability and social justice issues while branding ourselves as the local sustainable alternative. This product differentiation has been key to our success.

EC: How has your Edgewood College experience helped you accomplish all this?
TK: One of the experiences that shaped me as an undergraduate was my involvement in the Edgewood Business Association. As a member of EBA, I learned the importance of empowering individuals by putting them in positions of leadership. The sense of ownership that I felt as a freshman when then EBA president Matt Van Zelst put me in a leadership role was overwhelming, and during this period we saw an explosion in student involvement in EBA and SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) due largely to the excitement students felt as project directors and event managers. This concept has been key at Redamte as well. As a volunteer run organization, it is important that we ensure our volunteers feel a sense of ownership in Redamte. This sense of pride has enabled us to maintain a consistent, high quality product despite higher turnover.

Additionally, my BS in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Marketing laid a strong foundation for important business and relationship-building skills. And the Sustainability Leadership program provided me with countless tools that I use every day. Prior to enrolling in the SL program, I had a basic idea of what it meant to be "green." Not only did the SL program provide me with a more in depth knowledge of the various sustainability frameworks, but more importantly with a variety of leadership tools that I use daily for engaging our stakeholders. From consensus building to exploring new opportunities, the SL program has shaped how I interact with all of the members of our team.

The SL program also helped me develop network connections that have been invaluable to us as a new business startup. The connections I made through this program alone have helped us to have a greater impact on our community than we could have ever imagined. I see sustainability as the ultimate tool for having a positive impact on our community, and the SL program has provided me with the knowledge and excitement needed to succeed.

EC: What's one key take-away from your experience at Edgewood that's been particularly meaningful for you?
TK: From my time as an undergraduate through participating in graduate school, Edgewood's commitment to community has been evident, not only in through their core mission and values, but in how it interacts with all stakeholders in the community. That's been an important model for me as I've helped launch Redamte Café.

LaShell L. Lentz, BS ‘99

LaShell Congratulations to LaShell Lentz, who received the 2012 ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award®. The ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award® recipients are emerging leaders who demonstrate excellence, creativity, and initiative in their business or profession, provide valuable service by contributing time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community, and serve as a role model for young women personally and professionally. LaShell is a Senior Financial Advisor at BMO Harris Financial Advisors, Inc. Lentz was recognized for her many achievements both professionally and in the community, including creating, directing and leading the inaugural "One Tough Cookie " all-women 5K adventure run in East Troy, WI. The run raised $40,000 for the Girl Scouts of Wisconsin-Badgerland Council and will be an annual fundraiser as a result of her leadership.

Proceeds from the ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award® event go to The Business Forum Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that awards scholarships to high school students and returning adult women who attend college in Wisconsin. Since this event began in 1998, The Business Forum Foundation has awarded over $300,000 in scholarships. The Business Forum is a local professional women's organization that fosters the personal and professional growth of its members and other women through networking, scholarships, mentoring and community involvement.
Gregory Metzler, MS ‘10

Gregory Congratulations to Gregory Metzler, an accountancy major graduate of The School of Business, for passing all four parts of the CPA exam! We all know this is no small feat, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.
Timothy R. Strait, MBA '98, PhD ‘10

Join us in congratulating Timothy Straight on his new tenure-track position at UW-Plattville. Timothy's research focus is on Management and Organizational Behavior. He often thinks back to his time at Edgewood College: "I had some amazing role models at Edgewood and a lot of my teaching style is drawn from what I experienced here at Edgewood -- Bill Duddleston, Elaine Beaubien, and Gary Schroeder all taught me how to teach through their examples.  I think about these people at every time I step out in front of my classes.  And now that my daughter is a freshman at Edgewood, it becomes even more meaningful."
Katri Olsen, BS ‘14

Katri Olsen received a scholarship to attend the NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education) conference in Madison, November 4-6.  Katri provided the introduction for one of the keynote speakers. Further information about NASPA and the conference can be found here.
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