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Newsletter Archive - October 2012

Edgewood College School of Business
Edgewood College School of Business
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Educating Ethical Leaders
Creating a Sustainable Future Through quality, innovative teaching and scholarship in an intimate, caring environment, students in The School of Business become lifelong learners and exceptional, ethical leaders creating a sustainable global economy.

October 2012
Welcome to the Distinguished Alumni Awards for Ethical Leadership and Community Service edition of The School of Business Newsletter, with a special introductory article from Kim Sponem, President/CEO, Summit Credit Union. Kim is a member of The School of Business Advisory Board, as well as the Edgewood College Board of Trustees.

Enjoy, and as always, please feel free to contact me with your questions or suggestions.

Kathryne Auerback, MA, MBA
Director of Program Development
(608) 663-2895
Kathryne Auerback
Ethical Leadership: Finding Balance through Tension
I view ethics through the paradigm of finding balance through tension. It's been my experience that ethical leadership is, to a great extent, made up of consciously balancing ethical standards with potential outcomes.

Let's take one example here: honesty. We'd probably all agree it is a hallmark of ethical behavior and leadership, and that in order to build trust, honesty in our communication is vital. Honesty is then, for many of us, a guiding ethical standard. It is certainly one of my ethical standards as a leader. I've also taught my kids to be honest. And most times honesty is best. But not always. Where is that line drawn? How is it determined? To what extent do we "volunteer" information and when is sharing honest information more about being honest and when is it more about being mean? These questions reveal the complexity of ethical behavior and the reason ethics is a topic with richness and depth.

You'll recognize this simple example of the ethics of honesty from your experiences in high school: Someone says something mean about someone else and you feel compelled to tell that person what the other one said about him or her. You could argue that sharing that message is "honest," but is it ethical? Is it the right thing to do? What is the outcome of sharing it? Is sharing that message more honest or more hurtful? What possible good could come out of sharing it? Is it right to share some part of the message to alert someone of a possible problem? Is it dishonest not to pass the message along?

Whether it is honesty, directness, transparency, or other ethical behavior we revere, the truth is, the work of conscious ethical leadership takes place within that thoughtful balance of the standards themselves and the outcomes they create. This conscious balance makes ethical leadership both complex and worthwhile. I look forward to exploring this with you further at the upcoming Distinguished Alumni Awards Celebration.

Kim Sponem
President and CEO
Summit Credit Union
Kim Sponem

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2012 Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner, 5:30 p.m., Friday, November 9
Please join us for the 6th annual Edgewood College School of Business Distinguished Alumni Awards for Ethical Leadership & Community Service, Friday, November 9, 2012, featuring keynote speaker Kim Sponem, President and CEO, Summit Credit Union.

The celebration takes place at the Edgewood College Campus Washburn Heritage Room, beginning with a 5:30 p.m. cocktail reception, followed by dinner at 6:30 p.m.

The Distinguished Alumni honorees are: Hathaway Dilba, BS 1999, Partner and Director of Promotions, Ale Asylum; and Kris Koenig, MBA 2001, CEO, Natura Clean, LLC. Outstanding Faculty Awards and Graduate Student Scholarships will also be presented. The cost is $25.00 per person. Please RSVP by October 31, 2012.
Apply Now for a Graduate Scholarship from The School of Business
Scholarships of at least $1,000 will be awarded to students pursuing graduate degrees from The School of Business based on financial need, academic achievement, community service, and a demonstrated commitment to diversity. Scholarships will be presented at the November 9 Distinguished Alumni Awards event. To apply, please download your scholarship application here and submit it to by November 2, 2012.
Don't Miss These Upcoming Events!
New Graduate Chapter of Net Impact
Graduate students in The School of Business are launching a new campus chapter of Net Impact. Net Impact is a community of more than 30,000 changemakers who are using their jobs to tackle the world's toughest problems. They put their business skills to work for good throughout every sector, showing the world that it is possible to make a net impact that benefits not just the bottom line, but people and the planet, too.

The launch event is on December 6, 2012. For more information, please visit us at the Deming Way Campus info session on Tuesday, October 30, anytime between 5 and 8 PM, or email us at
Past Events
Accounting Career Fair
On Thursday, September 27, Edgewood College School of Business Accounting students met with representatives from Madison area accounting firms to learn more about opportunities in the accounting profession. Firms on hand included Wegner, Baker Tilly Search & Staffing, LLC, SVA Certified Public Accountants, S.C., Epic, KMA Accounting, Robert Half, Strohm Ballweg, Becker, and Johnson Block & Company. Graduate student, Mai Vue, highly recommends the event. "The accounting career fair was a great opportunity to meet the recruiters and to get your name and face out there. On paper, you're just another name but when they can put a face to the name, it increases the chance that they will remember you."

Edgewood College and UW-Madison Host Educators from China
For the second consecutive year, administrators from Zhaoqing University in Guangdong Province, China, visited the United States beginning July 9. Edgewood College served as their "home away from home" for much of their visit. During their ten-day stay in Madison, the delegation lived in campus housing, and participated in a program to introduce them to American higher education. Among the session topics - presented by Edgewood College and UW-Madison faculty and administrators - were organization and leadership, strategic planning, curriculum and instruction, technology transfer, and student affairs. Classroom visits, tours of the UW Institutes for Discovery, and opportunities to experience local and regional culture were also included in the schedule. The program and visit marked a continuation of the deepening partnership between Edgewood College and Zhaoqing University, which launched in 2010. Additional programming and faculty and student exchanges were also explored as ways to grow this international partnership, develop cross-cultural understanding between the schools, and increase global learning and engagement opportunities for faculty and students. After their visit, the delegation traveled to the East Coast to visit Harvard, Yale, and Columbia.

Program News
The School of Business Launches Two New Graduate Programs
The School of Business is pleased to announce the launch of two new graduate programs: the MBA in Health Systems Leadership and the MBA Concentration in Project Management. Both programs include options for stand-alone graduate certificates.

The MBA in Health Systems Leadership and Graduate Certificate in Health Systems Management are designed in close collaboration with The School of Nursing and local healthcare system experts. Courses are based on the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education Competency Criteria, and taught by industry experts. The MBA comprises 43 credits, including required courses in Managerial Health Economics, Healthcare Finance, Health Policy and Law, Health Systems Operations, an Executive Speaker Seminar, ERP for Health Systems, Healthcare Service and Clinical Quality, and Strategic Management. The Graduate Certificate comprises 16 credits, including five required courses in Managerial Health Economics, Healthcare Finance, Health Policy and Law, Health Systems Operations, and an Executive Speaker Seminar.

The MBA Concentration in Project Management and the Graduate Certificate in Project Management prepare current and future executives to lead highly successful projects. In addition to current and aspiring business leaders, administrators, and project managers, the program also serves business analysts, developers, and project team members in insurance, healthcare, government and many other sectors. The Concentration and Certificate programs are aligned with the Project Management Institute's Book of Knowledge, and the curriculum complies with the ACBSP accreditation standards, assurance of a high quality program. The MBA with a Concentration in Project Management comprises 48 total credits, including the required core and concentration/certificate courses and elective(s). The Graduate Certificate comprises 15 total credits. Graduate Certificate credits may be applied toward the MBA should the student later decide to pursue that degree. In addition, a non-credit "Math Prep" course is available for students requiring additional assistance in applied math, statistics, and calculus.

For more information about graduate programs, contact Anna Stocker, Admissions Counselor,
Faculty News
Professors Beaubien and Kamal to Receive Outstanding Faculty Awards
Congratulations to Professors Elaine Beaubien and Raj Kamal, who will be presented with awards for Outstanding Faculty at the Distinguished Alumni Awards Celebration on November 9.
Professor Elaine Estervig Beaubien
Denis Collins Professor Elaine Estervig Beaubien has been a member of the faculty at Edgewood College since 1980, teaching management, economics and marketing to graduate and undergraduate students. Elaine is also a published author and the sole proprietor of Management Training Seminars. As a corporate trainer and consultant, Elaine Estervig Beaubien has been training professionals in management and leadership skills since 1976. Among her many awards, in 1996 Elaine received the Underkofler Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award. In 2002, The Estervig-Beaubien Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award was created in her honor.
Professor Raj Kamal
Professor Raj Kamal is a Senior Lecturer, and has recently been appointed Director of the new Project Management Graduate Certificate Program. In addition to Project Management, he teaches Operations, Statistics, Marketing and Business Strategy. He is a published author, and holds an MS in Management from Purdue University, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad, and a BA (Honors) in Economics from Delhi University in India. He has also served on the Board of Examiners for the Wisconsin Forward Award. Raj has worked for over 20 years as a consultant and in senior/leadership positions in financial services and insurance, health care, manufacturing, retail and B2B distribution, government, not-for-profit and higher education sectors.
NAAS Special Issue to Feature Article by Professors Amie Dragoo and Fazel Hayati
Professors Amie Dragoo and Fazel Hayati's article, "When is a Cost Variance Considered an Exception Requiring an Investigation? A Review of Managerial and Cost Accounting Textbooks," will be published in the upcoming North American Accounting Society Special Issue of the Journal of Contemporary Business Issues.

On October 12, they presented "An Alternative Approach to Management by Exception: A Review of Managerial and Cost Accounting Textbooks" at the Midwest Regional Conference of the American Accounting Association. Please click here for an abstract of the presentation.

Alumni News
Alumna Spotlight

Hathaway Dilba, BS 1999, Partner and Director of Promotions, Ale Asylum

Edgewood College: Congratulations on receiving a 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award! Please tell us about your professional path and your proudest accomplishments since graduating.

Hathaway: During my last year at Edgewood, I had an internship with The and I eventually became their Marketing Manager. A few years later, I launched a small, local fashion label called Volante, specializing in custom-made coats. After a good and challenging run, I closed down that business to partner with a friend in a Pilates studio called Fitness Balance. When her husband's job was transferred out of town, I was presented with the opportunity of co-founding Ale Asylum. That was the beginning of my current journey!

EC: How did your Edgewood College degree help you achieve all of this?

Hathaway: I received my Bachelor of Science degree at Edgewood College in 1999. (An MBA would be nice in the future!) My Edgewood degree was invaluable for several reasons. The Human Issues course requirements taught me to manage and merge philanthropy and business. Even though our company is young and we're not able to make monetary donations, we give back to the community as much as we can through product donation. And, the instruction I received there was top-notch. The professors were so approachable and willing to assist the students. Lastly, I formed valuable friendships with my fellow students that I enjoy to this day.

EC: How has your experience at Edgewood College helped you to make a difference in your community?

Hathaway: The Human Issues requirement made a big impression on me. I think all colleges should require this from their future grads. Community responsibility should never be set aside or overlooked as we travel on our road to success. I never take anything for granted and try to pay it forward.

EC: That's great! (The Human Issues Program at Edgewood College has grown and evolved into the COR Program.) How are you "paying it forward" now?

Hathaway: I am Secretary of the Fund for Women Executive Committee. We are helping our fellow women and girls in the community, and it is very fulfilling. We work to raise awareness among women that when they combine their financial resources through focused philanthropy, true societal change is possible. I also occasionally volunteer at the St. Mark's Meals for Madison Friday meal. I'm a fairly experienced home cook but I have learned so much through that work! The woman that heads that kitchen can feed 50 people with a sleeve a Saltines and a can of tuna.

EC: Very cool. And how about continuous learning? What are you reading now?

Hathaway: I own and operate a small hobby farm outside of Stoughton. My free time is spent canning and preserving food that I share with family and friends. With that said, my current bedtime book is Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. Probably not the answer you expected!

Alumna Spotlight

Kris Koenig, MBA 2001, CEO, Natura Clean, LLC

Edgewood College: Congratulations on receiving a 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award! Please tell us about your professional path and your proudest accomplishments since graduating.

Kris: Before attending Edgewood College, I was in many different roles related to marketing. I started out in sales for the Credit Union Executives Society. I was then promoted to the Products & Services Supervisor. After CUES, I was the Marketing Director at the Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation. While at WECC, I earned my MBA. I then went back into the credit union industry to CUNA Mutual and managed the marketing for the International Division.

In 2007, I started Natura Clean, an eco-friendly residential and commercial cleaning company. Starting my own company is my proudest accomplishment since graduating. It has always been very important to me to advance environmental and social causes, and nearly all of the positions I have worked in allowed me to do so. But in having my own company, I set the values and the strategy that we take. So I feel that I can make a more direct environmental impact with the products we use, our operations, and the information and education we provide our clients.

EC: How did your Edgewood College MBA help you to achieve this?

Kris: My Edgewood College MBA was part of what got me in the door for an interview for my position at CUNA Mutual. My MBA has helped me understand all of the aspects of managing a business and leading the employees. It provided an environment for true growth, and prepared me to be an entrepreneur. My education at Edgewood College also ensured that I understood the difference between managing and leading. It's something that many cleaning company owners don't understand and it is one of the reasons why my employee turnover is much lower than the industry standard.

EC: How is it helping you now?

Kris: The leadership development I gained in the MBA program means knowing what our values are, and keeping them in mind in all of the decisions that we make. For us, this translates to a focus on quality - measurement of client satisfaction, consistency in service, and lower employee turnover.

EC: An all-around win-win! And how has your experience at Edgewood College helped you to make a difference in your community?

Kris: Because we are a sustainable company, every action that we take makes a positive difference in the community. Edgewood College helped give me a foundation to be able to start a company that works to provide a better environment while providing high quality service to our clients. Our business and operational decisions impact our local water resources, energy use, wildlife safety, and the air that we breathe, through the products that we buy, how we schedule our clients and route the teams, how we recycle worn out or broken tools and supplies, etc.

EC: That's incredibly important work. Thank you! And are you involved in other community activities?

Kris: I am the vice-chair of the City of Middleton's Sustainability Committee. I've been on the committee since 2008 and vice-chair since 2009. In addition to developing the Sustainable City Plan, we provide educational opportunities and events such as Clean & Green Middleton, a semi-annual event in which residents can donate items to charities and recycle electronics. I also started the Holiday Light Recycling program, and was a member of the task force that started the first community garden in Middleton, located in the Pheasant Branch Conservancy.

Natura Clean has been a member of Dane Buy Local since we started our business. We donated our time and services as the cleaning company for the 2007 and 2008 MABA Green Home Makeover. And we support the Bartell Theatre by providing a portion of our services free of charge. We also provide gift certificates for silent auctions for local non-profits like the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, and the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation. And when our cleaning cloths are no longer usable for us, we donate them to the Dane County Humane Society. The fact that many of our clients hire us because they are pet owners concerned about the chemicals used in their homes, this was a good fit for us.

EC: You are one busy professional! Do you have any time left after all that for reading?

Kris: Yes! I am almost half-way through Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil. I had no idea that the olive oil industry had so much corruption, and despite the label, you may not be buying extra virgin oil, and you may not be buying oil produced from olives grown in the country listed on the bottle. The book explains what is happening to the honest small growers, how important it is to support them, and resources for buying good olive oil, no matter your budget.

Enzo Ciarletta, MBA '97

Congratulations to Enzo Ciarletta, a member of The School of Business Advisory Board, and winner of a 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award. Enzo has a new position as IT Application Development Manager for Shopbop, a Madison-based subsidiary of is one of the world's leading online retailers specializing in fashion forward designer apparel and accessories. He is responsible for leading the IT Product Shopping group that provides application management and technical support to Shopbop's Buying, Planning, and Creative Operations departments located in both Madison and New York City. Enzo also provides leadership and hands-on front-line management for both day-to-day production systems support and strategic business initiatives. He serves as an advocate for the business within IT and leads a group of professional Software Engineers, Quality Assurance/Testing Engineers and Technical Project Managers.
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