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Kumar Guha

Kumar Guha

BS, JD UW-Madison
Managerial Accounting
BA, Lancaster University, UK
Graduate Certificate in Education, Oxford, UK

Kumar has taught at Edgewood College since 2009.

Previously he taught in the public sector for three years at Henley-on-Thames, England, before moving to a private sector professional education company at their head-office in London. For seventeen years he taught Managerial Accounting, Business Finance, Economics and Statistics to graduates aspiring to the UK-equivalent of CPA/CMA/CFM qualifications in most of the major cities in the UK as well as in Prague, Budapest and Bratislava. Kumar also looked after the accountancy training needs of various clients, including British Airways, Unilever, Ford and BSkyB, and served as a director on the board of the accountancy training division.

In 2000, whilst still in London, he met a girl from Wisconsin whom he subsequently married and had two children with. In 2006 he moved his family to Madison and taught at Kaplan before beginning to teach at Edgewood, where he now teaches Managerial Accounting, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Statistics classes.