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Paula O'Malley



Undergraduate Advisor
MA, Edgewood College 

Paula attended UW-Baraboo for three semesters before heading to UW-Madison to pursue a degree in English. After several years in the business sector, she joined Edgewood College in 2001. While working with graduate and returning adult students as the Director of Admissions at our Deming Way campus, she obtained a Master of Arts in Education at the college. In 2008, she moved to the Monroe St. Campus to work with the traditional undergraduate population. She loves working with her advisees and looks forward to a new adventure with them every day. In addition to advising, she works closely with students as the Advising Director for the Internship and Career Development Program. Paula was recently appointed as the Business Commission Chair of NACADA (National Association of College Academic Advisors) and will fill that role through October of 2015.