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Paul LeBlanc

Paul LeBlanc
President, Southern New Hampshire University

Innovation, Online Learning, and Higher Education Reform
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Michael Guns

Vice President of Business & Finance, Edgewood College

Michael Guns joined Edgewood College as Vice President of Business and Finance in April 2011.

Prior to his current posting, Michael served at Lutheran Social Services, a non-profit human services provider based in Milwaukee, with offices in three other Wisconsin cities. He served as Vice President Finance/Chief Financial Officer there for more than ten years.

Michael brings a wealth of experience in financial management, facilities management, and solid experience working in a mission-driven organization. His partnership, leadership, and experience are instrumental as the College continues to pursue its strategic objectives, and its vision.  


Jenzabar The Council of Independent Colleges




July 13 – 15, 2014

Saint Anselm College

Manchester, New Hampshire

Edgewood College

Saint Anselm College


The Council on Independant Colleges

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"Connecting with people with a similar world view, and similar level of passion for what we do is a priceless gift!"

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Dr. Daniel J. Carey

President, Edgewood College

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Dr. Steven R. DiSalvo

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Senior Reporter, Inside Higher Ed

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Georgia Yuan

Leadership Coach

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