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Graduation Requirements

Commencement Eligibility

Commencement ceremonies are held twice each year in May and December.

August degree candidates may participate in the May or December ceremony. January degree candidates participate in the December ceremony.

The commencement ceremony date is not the same as the date the degree is earned. Edgewood College awards degrees and posts them to student transcripts three times each year on January 10, May 25, and August 25.

For further information regarding eligibility or degree requirements, please contact the Registrar's Office at (608) 663-3256.

Graduation Date

Make sure the Registrar’s Office knows what your intended graduation date is at least one year before. You can do this in several ways:

  • Indicate your intended graduation date on your "Declaration of Major’.
  • Notify the Registrar’s Office (Room 212 DeRicci Hall) either in person or in writing of your intended graduation date.
  • Submit your Intent to Graduate Form (found on the Registrar’s Office website -

Graduation Forms

Declaration of Major. All undergraduate degree-seeking students should have filed a "Declaration of Major’ form by the time they have earned 60 credits (i.e., achieved Junior standing). If you have not filed this form, an evaluation of your credits toward graduation cannot be completed. Filing the Declaration of Major form ensures that the Registrar’s Office can conduct this evaluation in a timely manner and notify you of any requirements that have not yet been met. Please contact the Registrar's Office at 608-663-3256 or go to for more information.


Intent to Graduate Forms

This form MUST be completed before you will receive your diploma, and can be obtained from the Edgewood Central, Room 210 DeRicci.

Click the appropriate link to view and/or print an Intent to Graduate Form:

Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Graduate Students in an Education Program


The deadline for submission of the Intent to Graduate Form is:

  • January Graduation: September 15
  • May Graduation: February 1
  • August Graduation: May 1

Note: If you do not complete your degree during the semester indicated on your Intent to Graduate Form, you should file a new form as soon as possible.

Transferring Courses During Final Term

On some occasions, students may be attending an institution other than Edgewood during their final term. If official transcripts from the transferring institution are not received by the next possible degree posting date, the degree will be posted on the following degree posting date. These dates are: January 10, May 25 and August 25.

Graduation Honors

(Undergraduate students only). Graduation honors are calculated in the Registrar’s Office approximately two weeks prior to Commencement. A student’s final term of attendance is then included in the calculation for graduation honors after final grades are turned in and will appear on the student's diploma and transcript.

Eligibility Requirement for Graduation Honors: Minimum of 60 credits earned at Edgewood for Bachelor’s Degree.

Graduation Honors: 

  • Summa cum laude - 3.90 or above combined GPA
  • Magna cum laude - 3.70 or above combined GPA
  • Cum laude - 3.50 or above combined GPA

Note: Graduation honors is based on the final GPA of Edgewood College credits. It is different from the semester honors calculation or graduation from the Honors program.

Total Credits

Make sure you check your total credits periodically so that you know you will have earned the required amount by graduation time.

  • Bachelor Degree: 120 credits
  • Bachelor /Nursing 128 credits
  • Masters in Accountancy - 30 credits
  • Master in Business Administration - 36-42 credits
  • Masters in Education - 33 credits
  • Masters in Nursing - 36 Credits
  • Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy - 48 credits 
  • Masters in Organization Development - 30 credits
  • Doctor of Education - 54 credits
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice - 30 Credits

GPA Requirements

Again, make sure you are aware of your GPA and what is required for graduation:

  • Bachelor degrees require a minimum 2.00 to graduate.
  • Masters and Doctoral degrees require a minimum 3.00 to graduate

Note: Some academic departments have major or minor GPA requirements that are different from the graduation GPA requirement.