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Family Information

Parent & Family Orientation

Family Program: Saturday, August 24

Welcome to Edgewood College!

This year's Orientation staff looks forward to meeting you on August 24th. All new freshmen are required to attend the New Student Orientation Program from Saturday, August 24 through Tuesday, August 27, 2013. Please make your arrangements now. Detailed information will be e- mailed to all new students in July.

The residence halls will be open for move in beginning at 8:30am on Saturday and Orientation Registration will be open at 10:00am. Commuter Students can begin registering for Orientation at 10:00am. 

Mark your calendars! Family Weekend has been scheduled for the weekend of October 18th!


1. Is Orientation required for parents/guardians/family members?

While it is not required, we highly encourage parents/guardians/family members to attend the Family Orientation program held on Saturday, August 24th. We have a great program for the parents and families where they can attend informational sessions designed especially for them, talk with faculty members, tour the campus, and hear the experiences of other parents during a parent panel discussion.

2. Will I be with my student during orientation?

There is both a family schedule and a student schedule for orientation. There are times in the schedule when families and students are together, but there are also times when the students are with their small groups attending programs and having discussions geared specifically toward them. Likewise, there are times when the parents and families are together attending programs and having discussions specific to their needs. The experience of families and students having the opportunity to do things alone and together help make Orientation a rewarding experience.