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Marshall Hall

Marshall Hall

Marshall hall is a co-ed hall. Males live in Old Marshall and the females live in New Marshall. Between the two living areas are the Pine Room Lounge, a kitchen, and laundry facilities which are shared by all Marshall residents. There is cable TV access in the Pine Room Lounge. Also available are a pool table and computers for accessing your email. There are two common study areas, and an indoor bike storage area.

No painting of the rooms is allowed. The rooms are painted white, so any color scheme you like should work well. All windows have mini blinds, so you will not need to bring curtains. Each room has its own sink. All rooms are fully carpeted. Room dimensions are as follows:

Female Marshall Double 10'7" Length 11'3" Width 8'3" Height
Female Marshall Single 12'3" Length 7'10" Width 8'3" Height
Male Marshall Double 15'2" Length 9'7" Width 8' Height
  13'9" Length 12' Width 8' Height
Male Marshall Single 12' Length 8'8" Width 8' Height

Floor Plans

Female Marshall Single Floorplan
(Female Marshall Single)
Female Marshall Double Floorplan
  (Female Marshall Double)

Female Marshall Triple Floorplan

(Female Marshall Triple)

Male Marshall Single Floorplan Male Marshall Double Floorplan
(Male Marshall Single) (Male Marshall Double)

All residents in Marshall will have a single, extra long twin size bed (mattress is 36" x 80"). A mattress cover will be provided. There is also a desk, chair, and closet and drawer space. It is permissible to build lofts in Marshall single rooms as long as they comply with the lofty policy described below. The beds in the double rooms are bunkable.

Loft Policy
In single rooms, all lofts must be freestanding, i.e., they may not rest on or be anchored to any other furniture, walls, or ceiling. The maximum height allowed is 6 feet tall. The width and length dimensions of the loft may not exceed the size of the bed, i.e., the loft should fit the mattress precisely. Lofts must be constructed with sturdy materials and heavy bolts. A minimum of two cross-bracing bars must be provided on both ends and on the back. When the loft is inspected, it must not wobble. If you, or a loft company, build a loft, your RA must be notified when you move in to arrange an inspection appointment. Loft not meeting the criteria will have to be removed.

Shared Facilities
There are coin operated washers and dryers ($1.25 to wash and $1.00 to dry), a kitchenette with an oven and microwave, common bathroom/shower facility on each wing, two lounges, and an outdoor deck off the Pine Room Lounge.

Each room will be provided with an telephone. Each room may be equipped, at the request of the resident, with a telephone. Each telephone has voice mail and local phone service, which is also shared by the room residents. Residents may individually sign up for long-distance service which will be billed separately. You may also use a personal calling card or cell phone for making long distance calls.

Cable TV
Cable television hook up in rooms is included in the room and board fee for all of the halls and includes expanded basic cable (approximately 70 channels).

All rooms are wired for access to the campus Local Area Network (LAN) and a hard wire internet connection for each room resident is included in the room fee. Internet access is activated when students move in. Wireless access is available in the residence halls, the Regina cafeteria, Predolin Commons and the Library. For a hard wire internet connection in your residence hall room, it is required that you have a 10/100 base-T NE200 card and current anti-virus software on your computer (anti-virus software will be provided for each room at move in.) Both will be required for the Technology Assistance Center to maintain your residence hall internet connection. If you need an internet cable, please go to the Technology Assistance Center, located in the Library. For more information, please contact the Technology Assistance Center at (608) 663-6900 or by email at or visit