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Group shot of the students who studied in Peru.

Study Abroad

Edgewood College encourages all students to have an experience abroad during their undergraduate studies. The Center for Global Education is prepared to work with you to develop a personalized plan of study. In general, a study abroad experience can be short term or long term. Imagine yourself on a three-week program to Cambodia exploring healthcare with Edgewood students and faculty, a five-week service learning and study program in Peru, an eight-week student teaching experience in Mexico or a semester study abroad program in Northern Ireland, Germany, or Spain. Study abroad is open to every major and students can receive major, minor and general education credit abroad. Most importantly, by studying abroad you are eligible for study abroad specific scholarships and grants to help offset the costs.

Visit the Center for Global Education website to learn more about study abroad program opportunities at Edgewood and recommended ways to finance an experience abroad.