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All Bachelor of Business Administration students are required to take the following Core Business Courses:

  • RMATH 123/124 Math Models I/II 2/2 cr. *
  • RMATH 125/126 Statistics I/II 2/2 cr. * 
  • RECON 163 F4 Micro-Economics 4 cr.
  • RECON 164 F4 Macro-Economics 4 cr.
  • RENG 306 Professional Communications 4 cr.
  • RBUS 211 Financial Accounting 4 cr.
  • RBUS 212 Managerial Accounting 4 cr. *
  • RBUS 311 Marketing Principles 4 cr.
  • RBUS 312 Management Concepts 4 cr.
  • RBUS 313 Corporate Finance 4 cr. *
  • RBUS 314 Business Law 4 cr.
  • RBUS 315 Operations Management 4 cr. *
  • RBUS 402 Human Issues: Social Resp. of Business 4 cr. *
  • RBUS 490 Strategic Business Practices 4 cr. *

* course has prerequisites

There are three concentrations within the Bachelor of Business Administration degree – Accounting, Management, and Marketing. You will select one of these concentrations as part of your degree completion plan. Each concentration requires the completion of 3 courses in addition to the Core Business Courses.

  • RBUS 400 Organizational Management 4 cr.
  • RBUS 401 Improv. Organizational Effectiveness 4 cr.
  • RBUS 445 Exploring Entrepreneurship 4 cr. OR the International Business Trip (RBUS 493/494)
  • RBUS 320/321 Intermediate Accounting I
  • RBUS 322/323 Intermediate Accounting II
  • RBUS 325 Cost Accounting OR
  • RBUS 326/327 Tax Accounting I
  • RBUS 431 Market Research 4 cr. *
  • RBUS 430 Consumer Behavior 4 cr. *
  • RBUS 429 Advertising & Promotion Strategy 4 cr. * OR
  • RBUS 433 Professional Selling & Sales Management 4 cr. *

* course has prerequisites

You may also choose to obtain a minor in Computer Information Systems or Organizational Behavior and Leadership as part of your degree. Or you may pursue a comprehensive Business/CIS major, which combines the BS-CIS degree and courses within the BBA program. Contact your academic advisor for more details. 


General Education Requirements

Edgewood College is a liberal arts institution founded in the Dominican tradition. The liberal arts are the foundation of all our curricular offerings in the humanities, arts, sciences, and professional programs. In order to complete your Bachelor's degree, you must satisfy a variety of general education requirements. These requirements fall into the categories of:

  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Mathematical Thinking and Quantitative Literacy
  • Information and Technological Literacy
  • Experience and Study of the Arts
  • Reflection on Human Culture, Values and Ideas
  • Exploration of the Natural World
  • Analysis of Human Behavior and Social Structure
  • Environmental Perspectives
  • Global Perspectives
  • Multicultural Perspectives
  • Gender Perspectives
  • World Languages

Many of these general education requirements may be met by courses you may have taken at other institutions. Edgewood College offers an broad variety of courses that will help you meet these general education requirements. Your advisor will assist you in identifying which requirements you have fulfilled and how best to meet the remainder of the requirements within your personal degree completion plan. A total of 120 credits and a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 are required to receive your bachelor's degree.

You'll be transformed by your educational experience at Edgewood College. The liberal arts education you receive here will prepare you for an exciting life of service, leadership and learning.


Our advisors will be happy to set up a personal consultation with you to review your educational background and create a degree completion plan designed just for you. Please contact Marissa Guenzi with your questions or to set up an appointment: 608-663-4177 or