Licensure Certificate and Master of Arts in Education Course and Degree Requirements

Licensure Courses

Students pursuing certification for Regular Education (777) and Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence (72) licensure complete the following course sequence:

Professional Core

  • ED 661  Integrative Classroom Environments
  • ED 635  Diversity in the Classroom
  • ED 681 Child Development and Exceptionalities
  • ED 682  Children’s Literature

Methods and Students Teaching   

  • MTH 101 Introduction to Problem Solving
  • MTH 602 Research and Practice Arithmetic
  • MTH 603 Research and Practice Geometry
  • ED 667  Science Explorations and Methods
  • ED 685  Integrating the Arts in Elementary Curriculum
  • ED 683A  Reading and Language Arts Methods I
  • ED 683A  Reading and Language Arts Methods II
  • ED 684 Social Studies Methods
  • ED 660B Policy Studies and edTPA
  • ED 697 Student Teaching MC-EA

Master Degree Courses

Students who also wish to pursue the Master of Arts in Education option complete the following three additional courses (9 graduate credits):

  • ED 603 Introduction to Educational Research
  • ED 692 Research Capstone Project
  • Graduate Level Ethics course 
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