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Dr. Teresa Carranza

Dr. Teresa Carranza holds a B.S. in Elementary Education and has completed extensive graduate coursework at the University of Wisconsin- Madison leading to teaching credentials in Elementary, ESL and Bilingual Education as well as both a Master's and Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership from Edgewood College. Teresa has more than 18 years of teaching experience as a classroom, ESL and bilingual teacher in grades K-8th grade. Teresa is currently serving as the Principal of Midvale Elementary School in MMSD, a dual language immersion program site.

Pam Dorn

Pam Dorn received a B.S. degree in Elementary Education from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from the University of South Florida. She has 16 years of experience teaching second through sixth grades in Florida and Wisconsin and is currently teaching ESL at Glendale Elementary in Madison. Throughout Pam's teaching career she has created, developed and modified curriculum for diverse populations of learners and has guided students to develop meta-cognition in reading and writing.

Jed Hopkins

Jed Hopkins is Associate Professor of Education at Edgewood College in Madison, WI. He received his Ph.D in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Minnesota in 2009. Hopkins began his teaching career in London, England as an Elementary teacher almost thirty years ago. Since then he has taught at numerous levels from elementary through middle as well as college pre-service and in-service teachers at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  His teaching and research interests straddle Literacy, Teacher Education, Drama-in-Education, and Philosophy of Education.  Hopkins is particularly interested in appropriating neo-Heideggerian phenomenology and systemic functional linguistics for his work in teacher education.

Sheila Hopkins

TESOL/Bilingual Education Program Director

Sheila Hopkins is a faculty member and Director of the TESOL and Bilingual Education graduate programs at Edgewood College.  She spent much of her career as an ESL teacher in K-12 school systems in the US and abroad.  She holds a BA degree from St. Olaf College, received her Elementary Education license from University of MN, an ESL teaching license from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN, and a Master of Arts in TESOL through Hamline University and Edgewood College.

Sara Huse

Sara Huse graduated from UW-Madison in 1998 with a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Spanish. Sara began her career teaching third grade at an elementary school in Waukesha. She taught there for three years while getting her bilingual endorsement and master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from UW-Whitewater. In 2001, Sara returned to Madison to help begin the bilingual education program at Cherokee Heights Middle School, teaching in a sixth grade bilingual classroom.

John Kibler

John M. Kibler is the lead consultant and founder of Tomotto Intercultural Consulting, an organization dedicated to aiding K-12 educational institutions in dealing effectively and constructively with the very real challenges of culture, race, class, and language in an American context, working primarily in the Midwest. He continues to work as an educational consultant, instructor and cultural specialist for the Illinois Resource Center, providing educational institutions within Illinois, technical assistance and support through training and consultancy services regarding educational equity for culturally and linguistically diverse students, bilingual education and English-as-a-Second-Language program development, and the implementation of multilingual and multicultural education.

Audrey Lesondak

Audrey Lesondak has served as teacher of English Learners for more than a decade. Prior to entering the teaching profession, Ms. Lesondak worked with diverse populations in Chicago in the arena of public policy and advocacy on housing and homelessness, and locally on food security. She received a Bachelors of Art with a concentration in German at the University of Illinois at Chicago, a Master’s in Urban Planning and Policy from the same institution, and a post-Baccalaureate teaching licensure from Concordia University. She has served on the boards such organizations as Casa Nicaragua, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Wisconsin Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages (WITESOL). Current endeavors include working at the state department of education teaching in the CTELL/TESOL programs.

Mercedes Martin

Mercedes graduated from Edgewood College in 2007 with an M.A. in Educational Administration and is currently serving as Interim Principal and ESL teacher at Westside Elementary School in Sun Prairie. She is highly involved in the field of TESOL, served as President of WITESOL in 2007 and is co-creator/facilitator of Edgewood's Networking mini-conferences for ESL teachers.

Silvia Romero-Johnson

Silvia Romero-Johnson received a B.S. degree in Business at the Universidad Católica de Santiago del Estero, Argentina, and a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership at Cardinal Stritch University (Spring 2008). She holds teaching credentials in ESL, Bilingual Education and Spanish. Silvia is currently the Coordinator for Bilingual Education and Dual Language Immersion for the Madison Metropolitan School District.

Nichole Von Haden

Nichole Von Haden graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison earning a B.A. with honors in her major, Spanish Literature and Culture, and a Certificate in Chicana/o Studies. She began her career in education as a Bilingual Resource Specialist in the Madison Metropolitan School District, which led her to pursue a Masters of Arts degree in Bilingual Education and three teaching licenses. She taught middle school students for several years and helped write bilingual curriculum for the Madison School District. Currently, she is serving as a bilingual mentor for new educators and a blogger for the publication Teaching Tolerance.

Donna Vukelich Selva

Donna Vukelich-Selva received her Ph.D in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2011.  She also holds a Master of Arts in Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies from UW-Madison.  Before coming to Edgewood College in 2008, she taught at a K-12 bilingual school in Managua, Nicaragua, where she also  founded and ran a study abroad program for US college students.  Vukelich-Selva teaches both undergraduate courses in the School of Education, as well as graduate courses in the CTELL/TESOL program.  She also teaches in Edgewood’s COR program for freshman students, and piloted a course on the history of immigration in the United States that is cross-listed with Ethnic Studies.  Among her college responsibilities, Donna serves on the advisory board for Edgewood’s Center for Multicultural Education.  Donna’s research interests include critical race theory, education and immigration, bilingual education and restorative justice.  She has been active in the Madison community for many years.


Emily Zoeller

Emily Zoeller Has over ten years of teaching and coaching experience in biligual settings. She earned a B.A. degree from the University of Notre Dame and an M.A. degree from the University of San Diego. Emily supports a strength-based, holistic view of bilingualism, and is primarily interested in the development of language and literacy within dual language immersion environments. She currently serves as a Descubriendo la Lectura Teacher Leader, where she supports teachers in their work with emegent readers and writers.