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Marketing Graduate Certificate

To earn the Marketing Graduate Certificate students complete at least five of the courses listed below. Some courses are not offered in every semester. You will work with an advisor in the School of Business to create an individualized plan that will complete the certificate. Some courses also have prerequisites.

1. BUS 601 Executive Communications

2. BUS 606 Strategic Marketing
Prerequisite: BUS 601 

3. BUS 751 Marketing Research
Prerequisite: BUS 605 Statistics for Managers, BUS 606 

4. BUS 752 Promotional Strategies
Prerequisite: BUS 606 

5. BUS 753 International Marketing
Prerequisite: BUS 606 

6. BUS 754 Graduate Seminar in Marketing Management
Prerequisite: BUS 606 

7. BUS 755 Consumer Behavior
Prerequisite: BUS 606

8. BUS 730 Healthcare Marketing
Prerequisite: BUS 601

9. BUS 792 International Study Tour Prerequisite: BUS 606

Certificate Prerequisites

The following prerequisites are to be completed before, or simultaneously with, beginning the Marketing Graduate Certificate.

  • Computer skills: Computer proficiency to include basic systems operations, word processing, Excel spreadsheet and database applications, and some experience with Power Point Presentation Software.
  • An introductory statistics course

Edgewood Coursework Satisfying Prerequisites

Students needing additional coursework to satisfy the certificate prerequisites may take the following Edgewood College courses (3 credits, unless otherwise indicated). Courses you have taken at other institutions may also meet these requirements. Your advisor will review your transcripts to identify which prerequisites you've met.

  • CS 150: Introduction to Computer Science
  • BUS 503: Business Statistics