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Biological Sciences

As a Biological Sciences student you will become a well-informed leader in a world that is increasingly shaped by science and technology. Edgewood College instills the understanding and life-long enthusiasm for scientific discovery through hands-on learning—both inside and outside of the classroom.

Edgewood College's exceptional facilities and location support outstanding classroom experiences. The Biological Sciences Department is located in the Sonderegger Science Center, which opened in January 1999. Additional classrooms, labs, and research space are located in and around the Mazzuchelli Center that is set on the waterfront of Lake Wingra. This location provides a unique opportunity for students to step out of the classroom and get involved in research and projects that can impact the lake, its watershed, and the surrounding neighborhoods.

With a focus on research, studying the Biological Sciences at Edgewood College is a great starting point for a wide range of careers. Our students  go on to become ecologists, foresters, environmental lawyers or advocates, biomedical engineers, bioethicists, science teachers, and find opportunities to serve in many other career areas.