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Music Education

Music Promotion and Industry
Pre-Music Therapy
Music Media and Production


Student Singing with orchestral backup


The music department helps students develop skills that are valuable to careers both in and out of the field of music. Within the Music Department students have the opportunity to:

  • Receive superb instruction from expert performers, conductors, and researchers
  • Enjoy a wide variety of ensembles
  • Experience Madison's rich cultural opportunities
  • Take advantage of excellent opportunities for student-teaching and internships
  • Foster self-expression, creativity, and critical thinking
  • Travel and perform

A unique aspect of Edgewood College's Music Department is its ability to ensure that students have access to an expert in their instrument or voice. Few small colleges can offer this wide variety of expertise; however, our location in the city of Madison, with so many music professionals, makes it possible. Along with the outstanding professional performers on our faculty, we also employ the finest performers from the Madison area to assure a superb quality of applied instruction.

Non-majors/minors are eligible to participate in all Edgewood College performing ensembles, usually by audition. All Music majors/minors will be placed in the appropriate ensemble(s) and receive private instruction in their primary performing area.

Edgewood College offers a variety of performing ensembles open to students of all majors:

Choral Ensembles

  • Chamber singers (audition required)
  • Campus-Community Choir
  • Men's Choir
  • Women's Choir

Instrumental Ensembles


  • Concert Band (audition required)
  • Edgewood Chamber Orchestra (audition required)
  • Jazz Ensemble (audition required)
  • Madison Community Orchestra

Fine Arts Award

Fine Arts Awards are available for students planning to participate in one of the College's musical ensembles. Admission to the College and an audition are required. For more information, please visit our Fine Arts Award page.