Community Scholars Award

Receive a full scholarship to  Edgewood College.

This scholarship is for academically motivated Dane County residents who demonstrate financial need. The Community Scholars Award is intended to make an Edgewood College education available for students who might not otherwise pursue a degree at the College.

The Community Scholars program seeks to develop engaged, just, and compassionate community leaders. Community Scholars award recipients become part of a team of students committed to academic excellence, community service, personal exploration and growth. Community Scholars become informed about local community issues and learn leadership skills to address these issues through service throughout their undergraduate education.

This four-year full-tuition scholarship is awarded to three freshmen each year.

To be considered for the Community Scholars Award students must:

  • Apply to Edgewood College and meet the minimum admissions requirements to be admitted
  • Have financial need as demonstrated through the completion of the FAFSA and the Edgewood College Financial Aid Application. This four-year full-tuition scholarship is awarded to three freshmen each year. The application deadline for the Community Scholars Award is March 1.
  • Reside in Dane County.
  • Demonstrate a past commitment to and a continuing motivation to contribute to the greater Dane County community through service and civic engagement.

The goals of the Community Scholars program are to:

  • Emphasize student development and growth across the students’ entire undergraduate career
  • Promote learning and student leadership through meaningful service in the community.
  • Develop relationships between recipients, mentors and other community scholars.
  • Engage students committed to academic excellence, community, personal growth, and leadership.

Questions? Please contact the Edgewood College Admissions Office at, or at 608-663-2294.

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