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Dining Services

Meal Plan Description

The meal plan gives students 1300 meal dollars on their ID card per semester to use when and where (the café, cafeteria or concessions) they want to purchase food and convenience items. This plan will allow students:

  • The flexibility to use their meal dollars at the Wingra or Cafeteria at any time or concession stand during home games.
  • The ability to purchase meals for guests with their meal dollars.
  • The ability to use dollars as their diet dictates (i.e. one week a student may choose to eat more meals than another week.)
  • With the new cafeteria renovation, more options and variety will be available to students.

All residents living in a traditional residence hall (Marshall, Regina, Stevie and the New Residence Hall) are required to be on the meal plan. Supplemental meal dollars may be purchased for those who need additional dollars. The cost for the supplemental plan is billed to the student’s account. Any unused meal dollars are forfeited at the end of each semester, but there will be opportunities for students to spend down their accounts.

Dining Options on Campus

"Phil's" - Regina Dining Hall
The cafeteria is located in Regina Hall. Commonly called "Phil's," the dining hall serves hot and cold meals, and made to order items during the daytime hours. If you are living on campus, you may want to vary your eating times depending on traffic during peak serving hours. Commuter students may purchase a commuter meal plan, load Edgedollars onto their ID cards at the Business office and use their ID as a convenient debit card at Food Services or pay with cash. If you have any questions or concerns about the meal plans, please feel free to contact the Office of Residence Life at ext. 3228.

Wingra Cafe
The cafe is located in Predolin on the second floor near the commons. Wingra Cafe serves both hot and cold items for on-the-go. The Wingra also offers a wide variety of dine-in favorites. Residents and commuters students can use their meal plan, Edgewood dollars or cash for purchasing food. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Food Services at ext. 3221.