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Dominican Hall

Dominican Hall Front

Dominican Hall is the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-Silver certified residence hall in Wisconsin. Learn more about sustainability at Edgewood.

Dominican Hall is a co-ed hall housing 198 students. The resident rooms are arranged as suites, with 7 different suite styles within the building.

Rooms in the suites are a mix of double bedrooms, single bedrooms, and living rooms. All suites have a private bath. Most suites house 4 students, with a few housing 3 students (first floor).


No painting of the rooms is allowed. The rooms are painted a neutral color, so any color scheme you like should work well. All windows have mini blinds so you will not need to bring curtains. All rooms are fully carpeted. Approximate bedroom dimensions are: Single: 10' x 11'6”Double: 22'6” x 12'

Floor Plan

floorplan of Dominican Hall

Lofts in Dominican Hall
Students living in Dominican Hall in a single room within a suite that does not contain a living room will be provided with a loft kit from the college. Students living in all other single rooms in Dominican Hall are not permitted to install a personal loft, as these students have extra space in a living room. Students in double rooms are able to bunk their beds.

All residents in Dominican will have a single, extra long twin size bed (mattress is 36" x 80"). A mattress cover will be provided. There is also a desk, chair, and closet and drawer space. If a suite contains a living room, the furniture that is provided in the living room includes a couch, lounge chair and two end tables.

Shared Facilities
There are coin operated washers and dryers on each floor ($1.25 to wash and $1.00 to dry), a kitchenette on first and third floors with an oven and microwave, a computer room and a study lounge on each floor.

Each room may be equipped, at the request of the resident, with a telephone. Each telephone has voice mail and local phone service, which is also shared by the room residents. Residents may individually sign up for long-distance service which will be billed separately. You may also use a personal calling card or cell phone for making long-distance calls.

Cable TV
Cable television hook up in rooms is included in the room and board fee for all of the halls and includes expanded basic cable (approximately 70 channels).

All rooms are wired for access to the Local Area Network (LAN) and a hard wire Internet connection for each room resident is included in the room fee. Internet access is activated when students move in. Wireless access is available in the hall, as well as the Regina cafeteria, the Predolin Commons, and the library. For a hard wire Internet connection in your residence hall room, it is required that you have a 10/100 base-T NE200 card and current anti-virus software on your computer (anti-virus software will be provided for each room at move in). Both will be required for the Technology Assistance Center, located in the library. For more information, please contact the Technology Assistance Center at (608) 663-6900 or by email at or