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Our main goal is to better understand how healthy of a campus climate we currently have at Edgewood College. We want to hear from each of you about your unique experiences on campus and improve in the areas we are currently falling short as a College.

Ultimately, this is your chance to let your voice be heard and share what is on your mind regarding your experiences at Edgewood College. Your story will help us become an even more welcoming institution for all campus community members. Let’s work together to create a campus climate of inclusion and remain an attractive educational institution for all.

There are three specific objectives we hope to accomplish by conducting this survey:

1.  To establish a baseline that allows us to monitor progress of the campus climate at Edgewood College and to inform decision-making.
2.  To encourage dialogue to foster open, caring, and thoughtful engagement with one-another as a campus community.
3.  To develop a systematic and comprehensive approach that will guide the direction of the 2014-2017 institution-wide Inclusion Plan.