Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions/School of Nursing and School of Business


The Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions acts as the admissions counselor for the programs, coordinating outreach efforts to prospective students, guiding students through the admissions process, and conducting any other orientation services as arranged by each program. The Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions is responsible for working in collaboration to develop the enrollment goals, marketing strategies, and recruitment plans for graduate programs at Edgewood College. This position works closely with the enrollment marketing team, as well as representatives from respective graduate programs, to identify strategic marketing and enrollment goals that are consistent with Edgewood College’s vision and mission, as well as with the College’s budgetary goals.


Admissions/Intake - Track, manage, and report on inquiries, applicants, admits, and enrollees. Facilitate enrollment goal setting. Initiate prospecting and promotional efforts for programs. Follow up on leads generated through referrals, marketing, and other promotional efforts. Hold individual appointments with prospective students as needed and assist students through all steps of the admission process. Connect students with faculty to answer specific program-related questions.

Outreach - Participate in education fairs and new student orientations. Provide regular contact and follow-up services for community outreach. Develop relationships between Edgewood College and the wider community. Facilitate development, implementation, and annual assessment of recruitment plan for respective programs.

Collaboration in Marketing - Work in consultation with the College’s enrollment marketing team to develop recruiting, advertising and other promotional materials. Serve as the liaison between respective schools and enrollment marketers. Attend regular school and program functions including, but not limited to, faculty meetings and retreats and deemed necessary by the School.

Administration (continuous) - Maintain complete records of activities. Collaborate with staff to help attain common goals through participation in meetings, project teams, training, and planning activities.


Necessary Education or Work Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree (desired)
  • Experience working within a college or university setting (desired)

Required Knowledge and Skills:

  • Good communication and presentation skills with an ability to work both independently and collaboratively with others
  • Ability to organize and prioritize multiple projects and meet deadlines that change rapidly
  • Ability to effectively lead staff and students
  • Ability to work with diverse populations

Other Qualifications:

Demonstrates multicultural competence – the awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to work with others who are culturally different from self in meaningful, relevant, and productive ways. The incumbent is expected to support the Mission of the College by working with faculty, staff and students to share in our core values – truth, compassion, justice, partnership, and community.

To apply:

Edgewood College
Human Resources – ADG2
1000 Edgewood College Drive
Madison, WI 53711
Equal Opportunity Employer