Director - The Family Center


The Family Center is a State Certified Outpatient Mental Health Clinic operated by the Marriage and Family Therapy program under the School of Nursing, as the training site in family therapy for clinical interns and post-degree residents. Primary responsibilities for the Director include managing the day to day operations of the clinic such as budgeting, grant writing, marketing/outreach, staffing, and staff and approved-supervisors-in-training supervision.  The Director will be the chief compliance officer for state and federal laws and procedures.  As a training facility the Director will be directly involved in working with the Associate Dean of MFT to establish policies and oversee proper training and supervision as well as quality of care issues.


Financial responsibilities

  • Execute daily operations of midsize non-profit mental health agency including pay accounts due (i.e. security and supplies) and staff payroll (supervisors and residents).
  • Develop, manage, and maintain the annual operating budget.
  • Manage payment device and software (Square)
  • Scout, write and secure grants.

Personnel and supervisory responsibilities

  • Interview, hire, assign and evaluate work of paid student workers; supervisors; independent contractors and other paid staff. 
  • Develop in-service training programs for professional staff.
  • Supervise AAMFT Approved-Supervisors-In-Training. 
  • Chair the Supervisors’ Meeting twice a month.
  • Chair the Residents’ Forum meeting once a month for supervision and quality control.
  • Interview and assign internship positions for students in MFT program.
  • Conduct bi-weekly Group Supervision from a systems perspective.
  • Provide crisis intervention back-up to on-call clinicians.

Program Development/Enhancement

  • Maintain CCS site compliance/certification (or whatever it would be called)
  • Maintain referral network to include
  • Maintain Smart Recovery site compliance/certification
  • Establishing community contacts/referrals sources.
  • Manage/coordinate emergency access services and on-call devices (front-desk and mobile 911 button)
  • Develop, implement and maintain systems/procedures/policies to ensure the agency’s compliance with state/federal standards of client care. 
  • Develop, implement and maintain policies and procedures to ensure the agency’s compliance with HIPAA and Red Flag Alert standards.
  • Develop and implement substance use disorder treatment services at TFC using DHS 75 and DHS 166 requirements. 
  • Develop, maintain and supervise compliance with Medicaid and insurance billing requirements.
  • Develop, implement and maintain ongoing quality assurance review activities.
  • Responsible for marketing TFC to community.
  • Chair of the TFC Marketing Group. 

Administrative responsibilities

  • Responsible for maintaining Policy and Procedure Manual and training all students and staff on manual. 
  • Develop and update forms necessary to meet state/federal standards of client record keeping & confidentiality.
  • Develop, maintain, and/or oversee The Family Center website and social media pages.
  • Work with Edgewood Technology Services to create and maintain video/audio capabilities of The Family Center to facilitate training opportunities.
  • Work with Edgewood Technology Services to maintain and safeguard The Family Center’s electronic client records and billing system.
  • Chief Compliance Officer for certified outpatient clinic status.
  • Privacy Compliance Officer and Security Compliance Officer for HIPAA standards.
  • Certify completion of clinical hours for graduate students and post graduate clinicians with training licenses.
  • Work with Associate Dean-MFT on quality of care issues.
  • Attend MFT Department faculty meetings bi-weekly.
  • Create and present yearly report to Associate Dean-MFT and faculty.


Necessary Education or Work Experience:

  • MS, MA, PhD, PsyD in MFT or substantially equivalent field
  • WI license
  • AAMFT Approved Supervisor or Supervisor Candidate
  • MA/Medicare provider status desirable but not required
  • 2 + years clinical experience
  • 1 + years supervision of clinical staff

Required Knowledge and Skills:

  • Excellent oral/written communications skills
  • Knowledge of state/federal standards & laws governing practice of psychotherapy
  • Knowledge of state Certified Outpatient Clinic standards and regulations
  • Knowledge of COAMFTE standards
  • Knowledge of WI state licensing requirements for LMFT
  • Knowledge of family systems theories/foundational models
  • Computer proficiency (MS Word, Excel, etc)

Other Qualifications:

Edgewood College, an Equal Opportunity Employer, is committed to academic excellence through diversity in its faculty, staff, and students. Candidates must demonstrate multicultural competence — the awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to work with others who are culturally different from self in meaningful, relevant, and productive ways. Applicants from traditionally underrepresented populations including women and racial and ethnic minorities are especially encouraged to apply. The selected candidate must actively support the mission of the College by working with faculty, staff and students to share in our core values — truth, compassion, justice, partnership, and community.

To apply
:  Send a letter of application, resume, and references to:

Edgewood College
Human Resources – DMFT
1000 Edgewood College Drive
Madison, WI 53711
Equal Opportunity Employer