School of Education Doctoral Adjunct

Job Responsibilities:

Adjunct Faculty in the Doctoral Program are responsible for all logistical aspects in regard to their
individual courses in the Edgewood College Doctoral Program, consisting of individual six (6) credit
modules with topics such as Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Policy, Law, Media, Marketing, Finance,
Faculty and Staff Assessment, and Communication as needed. Focus will be given to providing direct,
regular, and ongoing communication with the doctoral faculty and leadership. Courses are taught either
in a blended format or completely online. Blended courses are offered both in Madison, WI and Wausau,
WI and the assignment may be in either or both locations.

Qualifications, Required Knowledge and Skills:

Education: Earned Doctorate in Education, preferably in Educational Leadership

Experience: Experience in designing and teaching graduate courses at the doctoral level
Willingness to direct and advise graduate student dissertation research

Required Knowledge and Skills:

1. Commitment, energy, and capacity to successfully manage multiple tasks
2. Superior time management and organizational skills; extreme attention to detail
3. Strong oral and written communication skills
4. Proficiency in online instruction

Successful candidates will have a demonstrated commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and
multicultural competence in an educational and work environment, and must be willing to contribute to
the College’s strategic plan of inclusion.

The candidate must demonstrate multicultural competence – the awareness, knowledge, and skills
needed to work with others who are culturally different from self in meaningful, relevant, and productive
ways. Applicants from traditionally underrepresented populations including women and racial and
ethnic minorities are especially encouraged to apply. The candidate must actively support the mission of
the College by working with faculty, staff and students to share in our core values ‐ truth, compassion,
justice, partnership, and community.

To Apply: Send cover letter, resume, and references to:

Edgewood College
Human Resources– SEDA
1000 Edgewood College Drive
Madison WI 53711
Equal Opportunity Employer