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Engaged Learning at Edgewood College

As a student, you’ll be expected to develop knowledge, skills, habits of mind and commitments from experiences outside the customary academic setting.  You may participate in engaged learning through a variety of activities including civic engagement, global learning, internship/field experience, multicultural learning or student research.

Engaged Learning means …

  • Investment: As a student, you’ll invest a significant amount of time and effort.  
  • Relationship: You will experience high levels of interaction between faculty and peers around substantive matters.  
  • Diversity: You will engage across differences to promote new ways of thinking and understanding.  
  • Feedback: You will respond to and integrate rich and frequent feedback from your professors, and from your fellow students. .
  • Relevance: You will see and experience connections and be able to apply your learning in settings beyond your college classrooms.

Engaged Learning is inextricably linked to the College’s COR curriculum and realizing our Mission by engaging students in a life of personal fulfillment, professional achievement, and public service. 

As a student at Edgewood College, you’ll have access to multiple Engaged Learning experiences throughout your time here. The faculty and staff will work to be sure those experiences, and the undertakings of study, reflection and action, will enable you to both articulate and demonstrate how your experiences have shaped your identity as a lifelong learner.