MBA- Healthcare Administration

Now offered fully online (with face-to-face options available). 

The MBA in Healthcare Administration prepares future executives to make a meaningful difference in a wide range of healthcare delivery and financing organizations. In addition to administrative managers, the program is well suited for physicians, pharmacists and other clinicians, lawyers, accounting professionals, and other consultants and advisors serving health system clients. 

There is an expected high demand for highly trained and experienced leaders in health care organizations, and graduates of advanced degree programs in health care administration have excellent earning potential. Learn more - HCA White Paper 2. The U.S. Bureau of Labor

Statistics also reports a positive outlook for Medical and Health Services Managers. And the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) projects growth in health care management related career options and compensation.

Program Highlights

The 42-credit MBA-HCA curriculum was designed in close collaboration with The Henry Predolin School of Nursing and local healthcare system experts, and based on the Commission on Accreditation of HealthCare Management Education (CAHME) competency criteria. It includes courses such as Managerial Health Economics, Health Policy and Law, Healthcare Service and Clinical Quality, taught by highly qualified health professionals and faculty. The program receives ongoing guidance and support from a distinguished group of local health care system leaders who serve on the MBA-HCA Executive Advisory Council.

Degree Requirements

Degree Prerequisites

Most students admitted to the MBA-HCA program satisfy Basic Mathematics and Basic Computer Skills prerequisites based on either previous academic work or job experience. Additional preparatory work may be required to help ensure that you succeed in the program. Our admissions staff will review of your academic record and GMAT scores and will be able to answer any questions you have about any additional requirements.

• Basic Mathematics
Requires mathematical proficiency at the level of college algebra and finite mathematics. Students requiring a course in this area may take BUS 500 Quantitative Business Analysis.

• Basic Computer Skills
Requires computer proficiency to include basic systems operation, word processing, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint, and Internet research.

Foundational Work -
Foundation courses are the skill and experience-broadening courses upon which the remaining curriculum is built. They include coursework in accounting, mathematics, legal issues for business and economics. One or more of these courses may be waived based on your previous academic experience. These courses should be taken as early as possible in the program.

  • BUS 501 Financial Accounting
  • BUS 503 Introductory Business Statistics
  • BUS 505 Macro-Economics
  • BUS 506 Micro-Economics

Degree and Program Requirements

MBA-HCA coursework is separated into the following two categories. Students must complete a total of 42 graduate credits to receive the degree.

1. Core courses (18 credits) -

  • BUS 601 Executive Communications
  • BUS 602 Accounting for Managers
  • BUS 603 Organizational Development and Behavior
  • BUS 605 Statistics for Managers
  • BUS 606 Strategic Marketing
  • BUS 616 Business Ethics

2. Healthcare Administration Content Courses (24 credits) –

  • BUS 775 Managerial Health Economics
  • BUS 784 Healthcare Finance
  • BUS 785 Health Policy and Law
  • BUS 786 ERP for Health Systems
  • BUS 787 Health Systems Operations
  • BUS 788 Health Insurance Principles
  • BUS 789 Healthcare Service and Clinical Quality
  • BUS 796 Strategic Management (Capstone Course)

3. Electives

Students who have completed prior relevant educational courses/credits with a grade B or better, that satisfy the above requirements, may, with the approval of the Graduate Advisor, substitute elective courses/credits from appropriate Edgewood or other qualified programs. The total number of credits must still equal 42 to complete the degree requirements. 

Tuition and Financial Aid

Edgewood College is committed to making a life-changing education more affordable and accessible to more people than ever before. As part of the Graduate Affordability Promise, courses in the MBA in Healthcare Administration program are now $725 per credit.

Attending graduate school is one of the best investments you will ever make in yourself and your future. While the benefits related to personal development and growth are priceless, you can also expect your MBA degree to expand your career options and enhance your earning power in the marketplace. Remember, completing your MBA is an investment in yourself and your career. Be sure to consider not only the total cost of your education, but think about how that total breaks down in terms of monthly costs, which can make your investment feel more manageable and affordable.

Financing your Edgewood College MBA degree

Graduate tuition for the 2019-20 year (beginning Summer 2019) is $725 per credit. You can expect that cost to rise by approximately 3.5% per year in the future.

Most MBA students are working professionals who take courses part-time. A general MBA requires completion of 37 credits. An MBA in Healthcare Administration requires completion of a total of 42 credits. Typically, a part-time student completes their MBA in 2.5-3 years.

Based on current tuition rates, the estimated total tuition cost of your Edgewood College MBA degree would be $25,463. An MBA in Healthcare Administration would be $31,671. If you compare this cost with other institutions in the Madison area, you’ll find that this total lies somewhere in the middle range.

Note – These estimates assume that you have satisfied all foundation requirements before enrolling in the program. If foundation courses are required, that will increase the total cost of the MBA degree and delay your completion. Please contact an admissions counselor for more details.

Financial Aid

Graduate students are eligible for financial aid in the form of Federal Stafford Loans. Learn more about Stafford Loans, including eligibility requirements and application instructions.

Graduate Student Financial Aid

Our admissions and financial aid counselors have worked with thousands of students who have questioned how they could afford to complete their graduate education. They will use their experience to suggest creative solutions for financing your MBA education. We work with students and organizations to manage tuition reimbursement plans, extend tuition discounts to various corporate partners in the region, offer third party billing and monthly payment plans, and work with veterans to maximize their available aid.

Admission Requirements

New students may enroll in the fall, spring, or summer semesters. Application deadlines:

  • Fall - August 1
  • Spring - December 1
  • Summer - May 1

To be considered for admission, applicants must provide the following:

  1. Completed graduate application. (The $30 application fee is waived for graduates of Edgewood College and for veterans.) This application is for graduate students who want to pursue a Master’s degree, certificate, or take courses as a non-degree student. 
  2. Official transcripts reflecting evidence of completion of a baccalaureate or more advanced degree from a United States regionally accredited or equivalent post-secondary institution with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. Please request that official transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate academic credits received from a United States regionally accredited or equivalent post-secondary institution be sent to Edgewood College. The cumulative grade point average is computed on the highest degree held at the time of application.
  3. Two letters of recommendation from college or university professors, supervisors, and/or professional colleagues who can speak to the applicant’s potential for success in the Edgewood College MBA program. Letter of Recommendation Guidelines
  4. A written statement explaining what the applicant hopes to gain from her/his participation in the program, what he/she brings to the program, and how specific background experiences will aid in the applicant’s success as a student.
  5. A detailed resume evidencing at least 2 years of relevant professional experience.
  6. The Graduate Management Admission Test*  (GMAT) with a score of at least 430 (or Graduate Record Exam (GRE) converted to comparable GMAT score).

The GMAT is NOT required if the applicant meets one of the following criteria:

  1. Five or more years of relevant professional experience AND a GPA of at least 3.25 overall or on the last 60 credits, OR
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Science in Business from Edgewood College AND a GPA overall or on the last 60 credits of at least 3.25, OR
  3. Current, active military or former military personnel, or veteran, honorably discharged. Veterans are considered those who have served at least 180 days of active duty (not including training) or who have been injured and determined to have a disability before 180 days. (Does not include those who served the length of their term in the National Guard or Reserves without being activated at any time.)

The entirety of the application materials above are considered in evaluating candidates. However, preference will be given to applicants who meet A , B, or C above, or who score in the 40th percentile or better on the GMAT or GRE.

International Students may have additional admission requirements. Learn more.

Please submit items 2 through 6 to: Edgewood College, Attn: Admission Manager, 1000 Edgewood College Dr, Madison, WI 53711.

* GMAT Preparation – For additional review and study assistance, visit:, or

To register for the test, call 1-800-717-4628 (GMAT) or go online at  Enter the name of the school and city.

The Madison test center is:
Pearson Professional Center
8517 Excelsior Drive
Madison, WI 53717

GMAT Fee Waiver - Applicants with financial need may qualify for a GMAT fee waiver. To be considered for a fee waiver, please complete the following by December 15:

  1. Complete a FAFSA at
  2. Submit a statement of need to Please include the following information:
    • A description of your current financial situation, including any details about job or income changes, or other extenuating circumstances
    • A statement indicating the amount of any tuition reimbursement from your employer

For more information, please contact Edgewood Central at (608) 663-4300.

Transfer Credits

You may submit up to 12 semester hours of graduate credit for consideration of transfer to Edgewood College for application to a degree program. Approval of the respective department is required. To be considered for application to a degree program, a course must have been taken within the past five years. For more information about transfer credits, please contact your admissions counselor.

  • Phil_Rossing
    The Healthcare Administration MBA has been a solid investment. The course content has been directly applicable to my work and immediately added value to my organization. The program's professors include accomplished healthcare leaders who take traditional MBA courses and add healthcare specific concepts and their own real world experience.
    Philip Rossing, MBA-HCA '15, Manager-Project Management Office, Unity Health Insurance
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Ken Psyck
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