Adam BockAdam Bock

Associate Professor, Management
BS, BA Stanford University
MBA, University of Wisconsin-Madison
PhD, Imperial College London

A “rare native” of Madison, WI, Adam has taught Entrepreneurship and Management courses at the University of Edinburgh, Imperial College London, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has given dozens of executive seminars on technology venturing, innovation commercialization, and private financing. Most recently, Adam spent five years on faculty at the Business School at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

He is the co-Founder of two medical device companies spun-out of university research programs, and the Founding CEO of a third. One of those companies, Nerites Corporation (Madison, WI, USA) was acquired for US$20 million in 2011. Virtual Incision Corporation recently received Series A funding. Stratatech, Inc. is currently in Phase IIb clinical trials, having raised more than $15 million in venture and research funds.

Adam has served as a non-executive director and provided advisory consulting for early stage technology firms.  He advises numerous start-ups, including:

Power of Youth (Scotland)

Ocere Global (UK)

CourseBirdie (India)

He facilitated approximately US$10 million of direct and indirect angel investment while serving as Manager of Early Stage Research, LLC (Madison, WI, USA). ESR supported three angel networks and approximately 75 active angel investors.

Adam has published numerous books and articles, including:

  • Models of Opportunity (Cambridge University Press 2012), which examines innovative entrepreneurial action in dynamic and novel contexts where traditional strategic theory doesn't work.

  • Inventing Entrepreneurs (Prentice Hall 2008), which describes the experiential journeys of academic entrepreneurs commercializing their own innovations.

  • Peer-reviewed articles on strategic flexibility during business model innovation (Journal of Management Studies, 2012) and the practice of business models (Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 2011).

  • Peer-reviewed articles reporting research on crowdfunding as well as entrepreneurship in the stem cell industry.

He is also the co-author of an online entrepreneurship training program for scientists. Entrepreneurship in the Research Context, published by Epigeium, LTD (London) has been used at nearly a dozen UK universities.

When he is not mentoring entrepreneurs or starting companies, you might find Adam windsurfing or sailing with the UW-Madison Hoofers Sailing Club near Union Terrace or browsing the shelves at the local library. Adam lives in Sun Prairie with his wife, Lynn, and their two children, Taran and Kenna.