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Aug 11, 2016, 11:46 AM
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Welcome to The School of Business at Edgewood College

We are very proud of our 62 years of teaching students business principles and practices, with an alumni base of 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students. We continue to evolve our programs to adapt to a diverse and dynamic world economy. Fifteen full-time and twenty-five executive adjunct faculty teach a broad array of courses relevant to the future demands of business and society in terms of ethical leadership, entrepreneurship and sustainability in a global economy.

As Dean of The School of Business, it is my job to develop the resources that will contribute to the quality of your education and to collaborate with the faculty and staff to assure that you are receiving the value that you expect from us. We are proud that our primary goal is to develop socially responsible, ethical leaders, giving our students the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to become successful business and community leaders.

On behalf of my Edgewood College colleagues, we are hopeful that you will evaluate the information on this site, contact us and enroll in one of our degree or certificate programs. With active engagement and dedication, you will become a proud recipient of an Edgewood College degree.


The School of Business at Edgewood College is a member of Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs, ACBSP.  The following link has more information on the Business School programs that are accredited by ACBSP – Accredited Programs



  View the 2016 Edgewood College Business School report on our graduate and undergraduate programs