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Civic Engagement and Service Opportunities

Civic Engagement


Edgewood College intentionally promotes, supports, and rewards a culture of civic engagement for students, staff, and faculty that is valued by our community partners. The College provides students with multiple opportunities for civic engagement experiences that develop knowledge, skills, and commitments to help students discern how their own interests and gifts intersect with community needs and opportunities (their sense of vocation).

We believe that the Dominican values of truth, compassion, partnership, community, and justice are expressed through civic engagement when we strive to act in ways consistent with the following beliefs:

  • Social justice is a central goal of civic engagement.
  • Mutuality and reciprocity define our community-based relationships.
  • The search for truth is characterized by civil dialogue, listening, humility, and an openness to being changed through diverse perspectives.
  • As an institution of higher education, developing informed perspectives on social issues, their root causes, and solutions is an important learning outcome of civic engagement.
  • The integration of study, reflection, and active participation in public life leads to transformative learning.

Service Opportunities

StudentsBonner Leaders Program

The mission of the Bonner Leaders Program is to transform the lives of students, the life of their campuses, their local communities, and the world through service and leadership. The Bonner Leaders Program provides a scholarship to students who are committed to community service and learning about social issues and social change. Students selected for this program spend two to four years working with a team of other Edgewood College students on specific community service initiatives and meet regularly as a group to learn about social justice issues, community leadership, and civic engagement.

This program is open to incoming freshmen, current freshmen and current sophomore full-time undergraduate students who are committed to community service. Students may participate in the program for up to four years (a minimum commitment of two years is expected).

Rewards: Scholarship, education and training on social issues, potential to connect service and education work and develop a network within the local community

Bonner Leaders Brochure (2016)

Contact: Virginia Lee, VLee@edgewood.edu

LEAP 2 College

LEAP 2 College is an elementary and middle school college access program, rooted in partnership between Edgewood College and the Lussier Community Education Center. The mission of LEAP 2 College is to provide under-represented students in grades 3-8 with focused, on-going academic support and dynamic learning experiences to prepare them to be successful in school and to promote higher education as a viable option.

For more information contact: Virginia Lee, vlee@edgewood.edu, 608-663-3491

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