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Environmental Studies Minor

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The Environmental Studies program allows students to pursue a broad, interdisciplinary view of environmental issues. In a world where resource use is expanding and the actions of individuals are increasingly likely to have a global impact, Environmental Studies is more relevant than ever before. The Environmental Studies minor offers students the opportunity to explore their interest in the environment through rigorous and interdisciplinary coursework in the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Students also have an opportunity to make significant and lasting changes through collaboration with faculty in research and community service. The minor complements a wide range of majors to give students an edge in a job market that increasingly recognizes the value of environmental expertise.

A minimum of 20 credits is required: 10 credits from natural science, humanities and social science; and 10 credits in electives.

Ethnic Studies Major & Minor

Ethnic Studies StudentsEthnic Studies at Edgewood College integrates multiple perspectives and disciplines to study the historical and contemporary experiences of African American, Latino American, Asian and Pacific American, and Native American peoples and other historically marginalized racial and ethnic groups in the United States within a global and postcolonial context. Our curriculum promotes critical thinking, creative analysis, and civic engagement by examining issues of race and ethnicity as they intersect with class, gender, sexuality, religion, and nation. Combining academic excellence with a commitment to social justice, our interdisciplinary undergraduate major and minor prepare students for ethical leadership and personal fulfillment in an increasingly multicultural, transnational, and globalized society.

The program is administered by the Center for Multicultural Education in the School of Integrative Studies.

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Global Studies Minor


The Global Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program that analyzes global cultures and societies and political and economic systems in a comparative context. It is designed to enhance students’ understanding of diverse cultures, global issues, and other languages. It will give students the tools they need to become engaged citizens in the local/global communities they enter after graduation. This minor adds an international perspective to any major.

A minimum of 23 credits is required: 8 credits in required courses and 15 credits in electives.

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Individualized Major & Minor

The Individualized Major or Minor (IM) offer students the opportunity to create a curriculum around their own academic interests and life goals. Students use the individualized option to develop integrative majors or minors that the College does not offer, or to add a specialized, integrative minor to a current major. Individualized majors are a minimum of 42 credits; minors a minimum of 24 credits.

Students contemplating an Individualized Major or Minor will need to do some careful planning in order for it to be approved. Interested students should contact their Advisor to discuss the IM process. An initial meeting will give students information about how to develop a proposal.

Helpful Individualized Documents

Individual Process
IMApplication Coversheet
Individualized Degree Course Plan
Narrative Guidelines

Latin American Studies Minor

The Latin American Studies Minor focuses on the social, cultural, and political traditions and contemporary realities of Latin American countries and peoples. Students will develop broad knowledge through courses offered in several disciplines, as well as language training. The minor is appropriate for students in any major who want a complementary concentration in the region. It provides excellent preparation for professional careers, graduate studies, and personal enrichment.

A minimum of 20 credits is required: 8 credits in required courses and 12 credits in electives.

For more information, contact your Advisor.

Social Innovation & Sustainability Leadership Graduate Degree & Certificate


The Social Innovation and Sustainability Leadership Graduate Program is leading the change for healthier, more resilient organizations and communities. Students, along with their cohort of 15-20 peers, address real-world sustainability issues related to their interests and professional goals. Classes include guest speakers, small group work, and regional field trips.

The Social Innovation and Sustainability Leadership Program accommodates both working professionals and full-time students, and provides multiple pathways for participation, from a 9-month Graduate Certificate to a 33-credit Master of Arts in Sustainability Leadership, or a concentration in Sustainability Leadership to distinguish your MBA or MA in Education.

Our alumni are leading the way towards a better world as sustainability coordinators, program directors, energy analysts, and educators. From agriculture to urban planning and from public health to public office, there isn’t an industry that doesn’t recognize the importance of sustainability.

Graduate Program

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Women's and Gender Studies Minor

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary minor that connects scholars and learners to campus and community. Developed to study the history, experiences, and contributions of women to various fields of learning, feminist theoretical perspectives, and the critical role of gender in human life, the Women’s and Gender studies program is both interdisciplinary and integrative, engaging students, faculty, and staff through coursework, community-based learning, and campus-wide programming.

A minimum of 20 credits is required: 8 credits in required courses and 12 credits in electives.