Transfer Equivalencies

General Education Transfer Course Equivalency Guide

This guide will help you determine how your course(s) will transfer to Edgewood College.  It currently includes courses from Madison Area Technical College and the University of Wisconsin 2-year Colleges.  For questions on transfer credit from other colleges or universities, please contact the Transfer Admissions Counselor at 608-663-3404. We will continue to update this guide as new courses are approved for transfer credit. This list includes only equivalents for general education requirements. Other college level courses may transfer as elective credit. Please note that this is an unofficial guide. After you have been admitted, an official evaluation of your transfer credits will be completed.How to get the most out of this guide:

1. Search by course ID (number)-Use a 6 number course ID with a hyphen in the middle.  Example:  801-202 

2. Search by Course Name-You must have the complete and correct name for this search to be helpful.

3. Search by TAGS (General Education Requirements)

The Edgewood College General Education requirements are identified by a letter known as a ‘Tag’.  Below is a list of the requirements for our Cornerstone and Ways of Knowing tags.  One equivalent course is required unless otherwise notes.
  • Natural Science: S (2 required)
  • Perspectives on the World-Often completed through another tag
  • World Language: L (need 2) Can be completed with 2 years of language from high school with a C average or better.
  • COR 2 and 3:  May be completed through a major.


Pick your transfer 'from' institution:

** Courses without any tags or Edgewood Equivalents will transfer as elective credit only

Edgewood College accepts transfer credits for any Regionally Accredited Institution.  

Please note:  

  1. A maximum of 64 credits can be transferred from 2-year campuses and junior colleges. 
  2. Courses taken with a grade of D or lower do not transfer.
  3. Any code under Edgewood Equivalent, that does not identify a course name and number, has been determined as elective credits towards a specific major or minor.